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Manasseh Koraaa Why?
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Manasseh Azure
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Hmmmm, I am one of the silent and ardent followers of Manasseh Awuni Azure…fine young journalist, award winner, who I have quietly admired from my own corner. However, yesterday, I read one of his posts which has set me thinking…

You see, this is the gentleman who has accorded to himself the one that exposed the rot in “GYEEDA rot” which led to the crumpling down of one of those up and coming conglomerates AGAMS Group-by the way congratulations! And he also says in the same manner he pinched the Zoomlion Company Limited and its Founder Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong-who inferring from Manasseh’s own statement does not understand why the man and his company are still on their feet!

Hmmmm, everybody, please bear with me, let me also try and off let some of the things running wild in my mind after reading the post.

You know, Manasseh writes proudly that, after bringing down the AGAMS Group through the GYEEDA expose, another Journalist and an International Body had also come out with ‘so called adverse findings’ about this Zoomlion Ghana limited and still the man and his company are working. ...wait o... I am not in any way suggesting the man is an Angel…thankfully none of us is! But is it possible that, Manasseh is on a personal vendetta that he has managed to cunningly carry all of us along with his prolific writing? Is it a personal beef with the man or his company for personal reasons? Because if they are still standing then it means there some genuine procedural errors, falsehood or half-truths that were peddled after all and which even the international body realized and therefore rectified.

I have followed some post of Zoomlion lately on facebook–a kind of a walk through the years and I see the massive investment and innovations that has been introduced in the waste management sector(you can please check it up yourself by visiting the Zoomlion page on facebook and other platforms) by this same man that is being so vilified by our Darling Boy Manasseh Azure and I am wondering what the real issues are…because, I am beginning to wonder what Manasseh’s actual problem is or is it an OCB To the person of Dr. Agyepong?...Shhhhh…wait, wait…

Zoomlion I hear was founded in 2006, by this humble and gifted Man Joseph Siaw Agyepong (oh you can roll your eyes, but take a walk with me). This was during President Kufour’s tenure in Office as the President of this Blessed Nation of Ours. Out of admiration for the hardwork, dedication and impact of Dr Agyepong’s work on national Development, the wise President Kufour, he was awarded the Order of the Volta-one of the highest award any man can get on the soil of Ghana.

In the video that was mischievously dug out, the one that people conveniently selected the parts that suits them, the former President Mahama, at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Zoomlion Ghana limited, some people advised our late President Atta-Mills to cancel all government contracts with Zoomlion, but the wise late President Atta-Mills (God bless his Soul) did not do that why??? Smart President Mahama could not also bring Zoomlion Ghana down, Why?

Manasseh, can you please let off some of the venom and air you have puffed so much in yourself and think and know that you cannot be the wisest or smartest person on this land –an advice Nana Kwame gave you recently that nearly made you receive another award on facebook for writing the longest response.

Please, Friends of Manasseh (FoM) and Friends of Ghana (FoG), think about this. I have already told you, I am a silent but ardent follower…who knows I could even be referred to as a friend until now…because Manasseh must never be faulted-hail Broa Manasseh! But this attacks on Zoomlion and its founder by Manasseh is becoming a national issue and I believe we must all as citizens not spectators do some critical thinking and not just allow ourselves to be swayed by eloquent orators and prolific writers!

Think about this, there is a current debate on a National Towing Levy, which is a good thing (I mean the debate) because it will help all of us to get a deeper understanding of this levy before it comes out. But thanks to Award winning Manasseh, people are already being blinded by the good in this laudable project why, because it is said the strategic partner from the private sector Road Safety Management Services Limited, is owned by Manasseh’s Nemesis Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong….so quickly Manasseh jumps on his station (which has no faults?), and in an attempt to score another point (please I didn’t say cheap, don’t add it to it..haaa).

“Let me give you a brief background of what I found…this RSMSL by the way is a member of the Jospong Group which is for Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, the founder of Zoomlion which has blah blah blah!” Aww Manasseh! What is your problem…I am sure you don’t even realize you have one (Saint Manasseh)!

Can you for once be objective about Dr. Siaw Agyepong and tell the World that in the same way as you cannot raise an issue on Joy FM and it will be pushed down the throat of Adom FM or Imprint Printing Press which are all owned by your boss, RSMSL is different from Zoomlion-can you be that unschooled…unfortunately some other guys who may be see you as a role models also splash it in their papers Zoomlion, DVLA, and Police…Oh God!

When will this deception, vilification, vendetta, personal foolish egoistic Nonsense Stop! Haabah! Aba boooshit nyin??? Have you taken your time to look at the benefit of that policy or you are only looking at the Smart Human beings that God gave the ideas and resources to, to implement it?

Friends, we have a beautiful country, blessed by God with a lot of natural and human resources, but if we allow people to run it down just because they cannot understand something which Presidents we have voted for have so much appreciated, other countries have embraced and on daily basis having people to visit this company to learn and gives employment to thousands of our own kinsmen…then posterity will judge us all!

Today, we see operatives of Zoomlion are on the streets working in the hot sun and not being paid for the past six months that this new government came into power...why? With the venom spewed out by Darling Manasseh, they believe there is something that must thoroughly looked at before monies meant for these thousands of nameless and faceless people in blue and orange on the streets across the nation must be paid. I no bore koraaa! People are free to ask questions when things are not clear. However, don’t turn around and say, they are not even paying their people and what they are receiving is meagre, when their allowances are actually fixed by the government.

Please lets ask Manasseh, what his real agenda is before he drags us along…Ghana belongs to all of us including Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong…who has individually founded over 40 companies in various sectors –it is called Divine Wisdom-if you need some ask God and He will give you! Let’s learn to appreciate and honour our own!

Zoomlion too, I know you are not a perfect organization and the industry and country you find yourself is rugged, but at least try to try and put your acts in order so that we can all move Ghana forward. You have come far, don’t let petty things tarnish your hard work and service to the people of Ghana.

May the sighs, tears, and blood of every single one of these people on the street come upon your head and the heads of those behind you pushing you into such wicked venture!



Friend of Dr Jospeh Siaw Agyepong, Zoomlion and Ghana (FoDJSAZaG… Hmmm)

Wow! I just won Manasseh’s award on Facebook!
Source: Simon Adu - Email: [email protected]

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