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Bawumia to beg Kwesi Amissah –Arthur?   
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Questions that expose the hypocrisy of Vice President Bawumia’s so called Economic Surgeon /Anti-corruption war

Vice President Dr Maumudu Bawumai was seen as a man who would help Ghana live up to its potential when he wanted to be elected as a Vice President. He took the least opportunity to denigrate the outgone Vice President H.E Kwesi Amissah- Arthur that he knows nothing about economics.

He further went to ask him to answer 170 fake questions that he was demanding answers, a lot of Ghanaians bought into this idea and he eventually became the Vice President of Ghana.

Today the economy bleeds, as the nation grounds to a screeching halt. I weep because the nation is in its worst economic quagmire since independence. The change mantra is fading away as hunger and anger looms. Salaries are not coming in time and contractors are not being paid for work done.

In terms of anti-corruption credentials, President Nana Addo is in deficit while the past administrations he accuses are in credit. Ghanaians have taken note of this that is why despite all the razzmatazz and smoke and mirrors of the Nana Addos government’s media trial.

The obvious truth is that Vice President Bawumai is an incompetent person who weaponized his so called anti-corruption war for the purpose of hounding the then NDC in government out of office, so that he succeeds.

Ghanaians will not even vote for him to head a local government, how much more to lead their nation a second time.

President Nana Addo’s anti-corruption war has not been looking for corruption, instead his goons have been looking for scapegoats and opponents that have the capacity to stop the President in his tracks, and if they cannot find evidence against them, they manufacture it, which has led to the Ghanaian people knowing their rhetoric’s.

The NPP government’s intentionally has gone to create a special prosecutor’s office to witch hunt political opponents, so that the world would smile at them.

What a sad way to demystify yourself to the Ghanaian people. Alas, what a very sad way! No matter how many zeroes you have acquired, once God puts 1 before the zeroes, it becomes a big deal.

So don’t be upset when you get zeroes. God is just waiting for you to acquire the right amount of zeroes before putting 1 before it. But to get to that point, you must spend your money wisely.
Never spend it trying to look rich. Looking rich and being rich are two different things. Bill Gates does not look rich but he is rich. Slay Queens look rich but are broke. The difference is wisdom.

I. The economy really is at a standstill. No gainful economic activity going on anywhere. Our revived agricultural sector is now in a speedy reverse course. Government is lying to us that it has created 100,000,000 jobs in the Agricultural sector.

II. The Asempa budget has become the “most stolen”, “most missing”, “most padded”, “most denied”, “most investigated”, “most withdrawn” and “most re-presented” and now reluctantly passed.

III. If the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, had made that “mistake” during its time, of course, the country would have been on an uncontrollable conflagration, set on by the New Patriotic Party, NPP. The Elephant has disappeared on the streets of Ghana, because it has become a symbol of betrayal, deceit and doom.

IV. When will the economy be revived? The masses seem to ask. “Shut up!” I can hear someone saying, “The Vice President has no answer to your questions.

V. I feel sad for the situation in which Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia finds himself because he should not have approved the $2.5million Ghana Post GPS app deal with Vokacom .Vokacom developed the app to be used for Ghana’s digital addressing system but Ghanaians saw through and realized that the technology already existed on Google. Will you pay back the money into government chest?

VI. Minority in Parliament has asked Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, to resign following the release of what it said are “damning” revelations on the $2.25billion bond.
The opposition lawmakers say the 141-page report by the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) established that some “criminality and irregularities” were committed by the Minister during the issuance of the bond. your take.

VII. Never in the history of our nation has our exchange rate hit the roof top in commando style, the prices of food stuff and basic items are climbing higher and out of the reach of the common man. Go to Makola and Abossey Okai and see.

VIII. The purchasing power of the citizens has been badly eroded, while people are not only getting employed; those who are employed are losing their jobs in droves.
IX. The Ghanaian economy for the past few months has been grappling with diverse challenges, ranging from the dwindling oil price, rise in inflation, cash crunch, exchange rate fluctuations, amidst all other negative indices.

X. There is general disenchantment in the land as the Nana Addos administration has sufficiently demonstrated a total lack of idea on how to salvage the situation.

XI. Dr Bawumai, these are the questions you must not attempt to answer… “When will the cedi be at par with the dollar”? When will the economy be at its feet? When will the NPP be ready for proper governance? Someone may ask….. “The answers are not at the Vice president’s fingertips…. The ship of state has veered off the radar.

XII. The Ghanaian people think that Dr Bawumia you underestimated the challenges of your office and as a result you are struggling under the weight of burdens you have to bear. So it is bringing pressure to you.

XIII. You came to power promising to change Ghana; however some Ghanaians have more questions than answers to their problems. Please tell Ghanaian’s the truth on the land. Since the present day government people see themselves as holier than all other citizens,
XIV. Nana Addo’s anti-corruption campaign is more of street fight between two villagers than intelligence, investigative and judicial prosecution. What manner of fight against corruption is that? In other words, by simply suspicion, a Ghanaian can be accused as long as it pleases the powers that be.

XV. Within Dr Bawumia one year in office, Fulani herdsmen had become monsters – killing their innocent hosts; all witnessed a proportion of Fulani attack on villagers and even passersby. The number of death at the hand of the Fulani’s can be imagined .They have even short a soldier. You are married to a Fulani. Your take.

XVI. What is the true health status of you Dr Bawumia ? Is it true that you are terminally ill and that indeed his health status is the kind that will give Ghanaians cause for alarm if it were made public? Please tell us what your foreign doctors on your recent trip to the United Kingdom told you, about the true state of your health to the Ghanaian Public, because the rumors are very alarming?

XVII. Having pointed out the above and many more that are not on this print, can you Dr Bawumia tell Ghanaians the truth of the happenings in our land and how you are trying to tackle them headlong?

XVIII. According to the outspoken lawmaker for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong the rampant killings of junior police officers in the country is as a result of corrupt connivance of senior ranks with criminals which is festering their operations in the country. He believes that the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of these senior police officers who are supposed to mentor the younger ones are partly to blame for the recent killings of the cops by suspected armed robbers in the country. We need your take on it.

XIX. Under your tenure as Police Council chairman there are still some bud nuts in the service that are dining and whining with these criminals who have taken the country hostage and operating because they have the backing of some senior officers and will be released once they are arrested. We need an answer.

XX. There is an incontrovertible evidence to back this claims that the senior police hierarchy has been infiltrated by criminals in uniform.

XXI. Under your chairmanship as the chair of the Police Council Ghanaians don’t trust the police service especially the senior officers. They are bogus. I have evidence to show that most of the criminals in this country are working hand in hand with senior police officers” Your take.

XXII. “When junior officers arrest criminals, they are released by the senior officers after they have been given huge sums of money by these criminals. They know what they get from these criminals and that is why junior police officers are dying” your take.

XXIII. Mr Agyapong said the situation is gradually creating tension between the junior and senior ranks saying” The top rank is rotten and I will continue to say it till they end such stupidity. They should stop protecting criminals” your take.

XXIV. At least under your tenure police officers paid the ultimate price of death in the discharge of their constitutional duties to protect lives and property in Ghana your take.

XXV. The affected officers have died in several circumstances, including during exchange of fire with armed robbers, motor accidents, stabbing, being run over by vehicles, and police crossfire. Your take.

XXVI. Three police officers were mistakenly killed by police fire, who mistook them for armed robbers. Some three police officers were also stabbed to death in the line of duty. Your take.

XXVII. Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi who is the latest victim was killed on Sunday, January 21, 2018, when armed men, numbering about six, attacked the Kwabenya Police Station at dawn and forcibly freed seven prisoners. Your take

XXVIII. Is showing a video more reassuring on your health status than a statement from the Vice President ,Chairman of the Police council, Armed Forces Council and the Economic Management Team.

XXIX. Why are we having conflicting accounts on the where about of our Veep.

XXX. How has your chairmanship of the EMT led to the reduction of youth unemployment in the country for the past year?

XXXI. Have you fundamentally changed anything about Ghana's economy that can alleviate poverty levels in the country?

XXXII. Should we be concerned about the health of a leader who identified so many problems while in opposition and has subsequently been voted to solve them?

XXXIII. Is managing the stability of our currency against major currencies more difficult than we were made to believe while you were in opposition?

XXXIV. Are African economies suffering from infrastructural deficit? If so how would a government borrowing to bridge the gap be tagged as 'reckless'?

XXXV. Will you take up a health challenge walk with the former Veep next month from Oyarifa to Aburi Gardens?

XXXVI. Can you confidently say the Asempa budget of 2017 achieved the purpose for which it was made?

XXXVII. Under your chairmanship of the Police Council Vigilante business is flourishing, your take. How come you have not been able to ban of Vigilante groups for peace to prevail in the country?

XXXVIII. What would you tell DKM victims who believe your government shall pay back their lost investment to them? What would you tell traders who feel the 3% vat rate you introduced in the 2017 budget is killing their businesses and should therefore be scraped? Exactly.

XXXIX. You have become deaf and dumb in Office why.

XL. Did you use ur GPS when you travel because we can't find you.

XLI. What would you tell traders who feel the 3% vat rate you introduced in the 2017 budget is killing their businesses and should therefore be scraped?

XLII. Are you interested in taking over from Nana Addo.

XLIII. What is your take on nepotism in NPP ministerial appointments-Family and friends.

XLIV. As a Moslem what prompts you to go for Holy Communion. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? Have you been baptized?

XLV. Can you brief Ghanaians on our current security situation in the country .

XLVI. When is the National ID project starting since you gave us January 2018 as the date of commencement.

XLVII. When are you going to elect the MMDCEs as you promised Ghanaians during the electioneering campaign .

XLVIII. Do you now accept that the office of the Vice president is not for Talkatives and campaign mood talks. But needs level headed people with a lot of diplomacy and complementary skills.

XLIX. Do u know that your office is about Competence and not Sentiments -Religion or ethnicity does not determine good leadership

L. Do you now know that Ghanaians needs a vice president who is a patriot and nationalistic; and who will rise above ethnic, religious and regional interests.

LI. Do u know that It comes to choosing a great mate, whether in politics or business, the essentials extend well beyond charisma, connections and political leverage. The key foundational elements are trust, loyalty and complementary skills and qualities. Not religion.

LII. Are you aware that as a Vice President you have abdicated your responsibility to Ghanaians in critical moments? Crime rate

LIII. Will you tell Ghanaians to reject and ignore those who want to make the elections an ethnic or religious affair, instead of focusing on the governance and development challenges facing the country?

LIV. We are being told that your bill at Landmark Hotel-UK after your discharge from the hospital is costing the tax payer GH15,000 a day as rent ?

LV. “If you cannot answer every single one of these questions and tell us the truth then we reserve the right to assume that the answer to every single one of them is in the affirmative and that these assertions are true,” it would compel the Ghanaians to conclude that Dr Bawumia is not just a menace to the Ghanaian people and an enemy of the Ghanaian state but also unfit Vice President to rule the country.

Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo/freelancer

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