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You Can Go Home Fadi Dabbousi, If Ghana Is Unfriendly To You   
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Isn’t it laughable when the likes of Fadi calls people names. The same Fadi Dabbousi who failed in all his attempts to court John Mahama’s administration to deal with key personalities in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) resulting in his blemish and gibberish writings about the Ex-President is today again portraying to be even more closer to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and saying Ghana is corrupt?

Lebanon is also corrupt and unruly. The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index placed Lebanon at the 143rd spot out of 180 countries and 14th out of 20 countries in Middle East and North Africa. With a population of about 6 million which is one-fifth of Ghana’s population estimated at 30 million your country is scoring these figure and you shamelessly want to tag Ghana as corrupt.

This so-called self-acclaimed politician or selective corruption crusader has unexpectedly jumped ignorantly and jealously on the fray to cast spells and unsubstantiated allegations on Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong in his dirty games and antics for fame and expects to go scot free? Bring it on we will not sit in this country and watch you junky Lebanese fool direct the pace here. I sympathise with the handlers of the Jubilee House for allowing him get closer to the presidency. If they knew what is under his sleeves they will not permit him even use any of the roads near the Jubilee House. This junky is a security threat to our nation.

Yes, this drunk of a clown is nosing for information at the presidency so that if his demands are not met he will launch virulent attacks on Nana Addo and his government and nobody notices it? Well that is the NPP and the government’s problem but of course I am a citizen not spectator, if I ignore this I would be ten times foolish than he is and I won’t forgive myself if ignore this.

We meet habitually at a joint but we are not friends he doesn’t know my name and the things he spews out, hmmm, government has to be careful with him. I am not in though for his nonsense, if he takes it to the door steps of any respected Ghanaian again like he portrayed in his recent piece of crap against Ghana’s hard working entrepreneur and most vilified Mr. Agyepong by Manasseh and now this person, I will sure match them in equal measure. What is this nonsense?

He alleges that Ghana’s Members of Parliament, ministers of state and political party leaders have all been incredibly bought by one single man Jospong and that he is privy to some information that people have received Mercedes Benz vehicles from the same Jospong. This same Fadi in his bogus piece of writing, however, is worried that people are showing interest in the Kwasi Nyantakyi and the GFA/FIFA brouhaha and indicates his disappointment in the works of Ace Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Managing Editor Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Jnr whose efforts have unveiled the rot at GFA. He thoughtlessly threatens to write an article or novel he says against them on the FIFA saga. For him Nyantakyi should not be touched and yet Jospong should be hanged by government.


He alleges and alleges and alleges and expect legal results but come to think of it, how can the man who pretends to be fighting corruption in Ghana ever have problems with Anas in this GFA/Nyantakyi brawl. Sounds like Manasseh and the Otabil things done and yet you hate the right things when done to your closed pals, family and friends. These are the vigilantes we now have in Ghana but how can Fadi even fight corruption, a known political sycophant who does infantile analysis only against a section of society cannot be said to be fighting corruption. You should go home Fadi if Ghana is no longer friendly to you because we are even getting fed up hosting you here. You bring your untraditional life style here and expect us to just watch you?

He wrote recently fighting the Imani Africa President, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe for raising concerns about the Kelni GvG contract and the work they intend to do. Everybody monitored and any meaningful citizen knew that Cudjoe was just and fair in his analysis yet Fadi saw it the other way, is that a corruption fighter? Ladies and gentlemen I am waiting for that day when he strikes at the presidency that is when Ghana will understand me. Are there no serious and true Ghanaian NPP journalist and members who can also throng at the presidency? Why is he nosing around the presidency, the multi-million-dollar question Kwabena Baah asked worriedly and I do too. There are indeed moles among us?

There is a Frafra saying that ‘the goat must accept to run once it gives its neck out for the rope’. I read his insulting rejoinder to Kwabena Baah’s article and I laughed. I said eei so this man fears this much? The ashawo ‘broni’ baby doesn’t want anybody to write against him and he is always insulting everyone on his way including our leaders? When you insult, allege, insinuate and lie about people beware that you are not a saint and or repository of such and know that not only you can insult or cast spells and insinuations at people, there are people who can do worse things so shut up and sit down there and receive the insults and stories people have also heard about you. Be ready to receive same because we are also capable of measuring your bluff. That is the import of my Frafra adage brother.

I usually say it is instructive to demand from the likes of Fadi and Manasseh to prove that they have not committed any crime against the state or any person here or elsewhere then we can begin to perfect the systems right away. We should not think that because we are privileged to write we should go about maligning people and postulating unsubstantiated stories about people.

Please read all the two articles of Mr.  Fadi Dabbousi about Jospong and your see, I am told, it is alleged, information I gathered etc and he actually wants the Attorney General (AG) and Special Prosecutor (SP) to follow up on how he learnt somebody gave a car or bought MPs, Ministers or government officials or whoever visits Jospong house or office for whatever and nail him down? This crap of a joker thinks we are all stupid here in Ghana isn’t he?

I am writing because I do have an interest in Ghanaian businesses, what happened to Agams Group has worried me over time, I sat and watched that happened, this time round I will also speak my mind so that when they do their best and the worse happens I will not be blame myself.

Recently several domestic companies are dying and foreign companies are blossoming, by 2030, there may be no Ghanaian company left and then the blame will be put at the door steps of leaders, an attitude I hate so much when it is us who contributed to the collapse and death of our own.  Wherever Mr. Roland Agambiire may be, he certainly is not chopping grasses but many of those he employed are facing difficulties today. If you do your best that best is not your worst.God bless Ghana.
Source: Bawa Mashoud/Starrfmonline.com

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