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Attacks Over Anas’ Exposé: GJA Cuts Mercenary Journalist To Size … Disciplinary, Ethics’ Council Probe Underway   
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President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Affail Monney, has implored journalist country-wide to invest and encourage investigative journalism of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ caliber, rather than expending time, energy and resources attacking the internationally acclaimed investigative Journalist over his latest exposé, ‘Number 12’, which exposed the rots in the football governing body, Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Citing Article Thirteen (13) of the code of ethics of the GJA, Affail Monney said “We have subjected Anas’ investigative style to microscopic scrutiny and to us there’s nothing ethically wrong. In fact, Article 13 of our code of ethics vindicates what Anas is doing, you can use other means, it can be subterfuge, it can be a sting operation- where you entice people with gifts only to catch them in the act. This sting operation is practiced in so many jurisdictions including almighty United States, and to us we see nothing wrong with Anas investigative style. We endorse it.”

In a telephone interview with the New Crusading GUIDE yesterday, Dr. Roland Affail Money said that it was very unfortunate and “sad that some of our people are allowing themselves to be used for all kinds of parochial interests and this should not happen especially at this time that we need to produce more Anas’.

He revealed that Anas' style is a subject that is taught in some American Universities and that it has gone beyond national level to assumed international dimension, and acclaimed to be one of the best in the world of journalism.

He said “Anas is reputed to be one of the best investigative journalists on planet earth now as we speak.”

Asked about the  complaint Anas’ company Tiger Eye lodge against a certain Justice Anas of Hot FM who has without evidence, made it his business to attack Anas, Affail Monney said the Disciplinary and Ethic Council has taken the matter up for investigation and would soon make their pronouncement for the GJA to pass a verdict on it. 

“This is the time for us as journalists to pose in one direction into one direction, to sing from the same hymn sheet, to close our ranks and to forge a common front”, he admonished.

He said that the orthodox approach of journalism has not done much adding that it took only Anas style to shake the sacrosanct judiciary and to also expose the rot in the football circus.

If the President who is a law luminary sees nothing wrong with it and FIFA has also embraced it to the extent that they have punished the perpetrators, the president quizzed what the essence of the distractive directions some people are taking to counter this brilliant style of investigation used by Anas is.

He advised Anas' critics to desist from distracting him and to contribute their quota to the drive of shaping investigating journalism adding that it was obvious some of the distractors know what they will get from their acts.

Stay tune for more on Justice Annan and his blackmail traits.
Source: New Crusading Guide

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Name: Agbeli
Mr. GJA President you are a shame to journalism. No wonder discerning journalists are not part of your association. What is so exceptional about Anas mode of investigations by covering his face when you have Judges to sentence people to various terms of imprisonment including death with their eyes wide open in an open court.
Name: tony
Like seriously ? The GJA is empty and confuse..Instead of you to interrogate these Anas Criminality you come out with these ***barred word*** statement....Critically examine Anas videos which show is a fight against corruption? i hope the GJA president dont benefits from Anas fraud booty? There is seriouse allegation against Anas....You will be surprise with the video available against The Evill Anas....IF YOU CANT CRITICIZE ANAS ***barred word***///Anas is corrupt and evill
Name: KOFI
Name: Gyata
The fact that Anas may have taken money from other people is not the issue. Did the people he did a sting operation on take any money from him during his investigation. If they did even as a gift, it is not right, because much as I know it is said " Do not accept gifts, they corrupt" During the "Busia" days we had a Center for Human Development which had this slogan printed on bill boards in most offices in Ghana saying " Dont accept gifts they corrupt" I think it is high time the NPP put such in public offices in Ghana.
Name: AnasIsACr1m1nal
the problem we have in this country is that we don't even understand the words we use and it is not our fault. the white man has succeeded in turning us against ourselves by forcing their language on us. most of do not understand the meaning of corruption yet we tag ple corrupt. like someone just displayed his ignorance by saying everyone in this country is corrupt. what has corruption has to do with giving someone money? money he/she did not demand for? he/she takes it and u turn around to tag him/her corrupt? politicians are using pen and paper everyday stealing our monies and we pretend its not happening? who will take "bribe" if the nation's resources is distributed fairly? ignorance makes them compare us with the use forgetting that the system in the US is very transparent and difficult for politicians to steal. everyone in the US gets paid for what he/she is worth and will not take bribe to do anyone any favor. Is that the same system we have in this country? i just pity our level of ignorance in this country. well like I always say, u will never know what is wrong with this Anas work until it gets to u. Anas and his gan are just taking advantage of the fact that we dont understand what corruption means. Ask him why he is still keeping the galamsey video again? don't believe what he said that its still been worked on. in fact he is still editing it to take out those who paid him. his work is pure blackmail. do u think Anas is more Ghanaian than u to the extent that he will do all this for the country for free? u must be kidding. until u understand his motivation u will never know how evil the guy is.
Name: OJAM
A large proportion of Ghanaians are so corrupt and into that much illegal activity that they will rather sabotage the activities of any person or persons who try to end their wrongful activities. For those of you who care to research on the strategies used by Anas I will suggest you read up on these few cases 1. JEFFREY ARCHER (former Lord Archer); 2. JOHN DELOREAN OF DELOREAN MOTORS; 3. SARAH FERGUSON (former wife of Prince Andrew); 4. KEITH VASS (an MP IN the Labour Party). All these cases happened in the UK long before Anas came on the scene and the UK public rather congratulated the journalists that exposed these people. Unfortunately due to the negative mindset of many Ghanaians, the opposite is what is happening in Ghana with supposed intellectuals trying to justify wrong doing that in the long run will keep the country backward.
Name: Look at this man
This so-called President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Affail Monney, is craap. Tell me where in the US is this kind of Journalism being used. Don't just stay in your one corner in Ghana and spew such garbage. When sting operations are done it is not cut and paste, secondly it goes to the court not on movie centers. And when the sting operator is himself taking thousands of dollars to make the case basaaa. Then you make this statement. So to say that this kind of operation is done in the US makes me wonder if you are in this croooks pocket. What a country.
Name: Nature's Prophet
Kennedy Agyapong's video is emptyu. There is nothing in the video. He is just exposing his ignorance about journalism. He is not a professional journalist and deceiving the public he is. Anas's style is used in Europe here. We always watch rogue traders exposed on TV with hidden cameras. Ignorance is the fastest killer of the Ghanaian. Because of JSS, we can't think beyond the lines. Kennedy is deceiving the public. He does not know anything. Ignore his video.
Name: JOE
If I come to your office, have some discussion with you and while I am leaving, I dropped some envelope on your table as a gift and video that, send it to the public that you took money for this or that and you are fired from you work side, would you be happy? CORRUPTION in GHANA is too much but his way of operation is very bad. Meanwhile he also took bribes from people.

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