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Marwako: Victim Explains Blender Assault During Intense Cross-Examination
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Victim of alleged assault at Marwako restaurant has explained how her supervisor Ghanaian-born Lebanese Jihad Chabaan allegedly assaulted her by stashing her face inside a blender containing pepper and other ingredients.

At an Accra Magistrate Court where there was an engaging cross-examination Monday, Evelyn Boakye told the court the blender was not big enough so the accused supervisor tilted the equipment low enough to get the irritating ingredient into her eyes, she said.

In his cross-examination which lasted more than an hour, the defence lawyer, Augustine Sarfo Agyei, sought to prove that given the size of the blender in question, it could not have been possible for his client to dip the face of the victim into the blender.

He told the court 'no adjustment of form, size or shape of the blender' could have caused the injuries reported by the victim.

He also disputed the time of the incident which he said was 8:00pm and not 4:30pm as Evelyn had told the media.

In a grilling cross-examination in which nearly every detail of the victim was disputed by the defence, counsel for the accused tried to demonstrate that Evelyn Boakye's testimony is inconsistent.

Opposing counsel and lawyer for the victim, Francis Sosu-Xavier also told the media, different media reports of his client's story could be down to her condition at the time of the interview.

Francis Sosu-Xavier said it is natural for a traumatised person to give different accounts while trying to avoid a nervous breakdown.

A sobbing and crying victim should be expected to appear inconsistent, the lawyer said.

Lawyer Sosu-Xavier stressed that media reports are not consequential to the case because the court will focus exclusively on her testimony under oath.
The judge, Victoria Ghansah was unhappy with the lenght of time taken by the defence counsel in cross-examining the victim. She adjourned proceedings and set Wednesday March 22 for the next hearing.

She would not have further adjournments and urged the defence to adequately prepare to help speed up proceedings.

Lawyer Augustine Sarfo Agyei stressed his commitment to complete cross-examination indicating that he has had to hold on to other cases he is handling to devote considerable time on the Marwako case.

In an interview with Joy News' Matilda Wemegah, the defence lawyer re-emphasised his concern about media reports surrounding the alleged incident which he said is intended to incite the public against his client.
Source: myjoyonline.com

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Name: NAA
Name: joe
generally and sometimes, some foreigners esp. chinese, lebanese, indian, koreans treat their ghanaian workers unfairly.
Name: Shut your mouths
A person is innocent till proven guilty,you people you guys are so biased and racist to an extent it has blinded you,can you not see that the womans testimonies are inconsistent ,shes being manipulated by hidden forces and she cracking under pressure....some times we Ghanians are so hypocritical ,we pretend to be God fearing and go to church yet we are willing to accept lies only becouse of hatred and envy....yes the guy should be punished but lets accept that he woman is adding more salt to her story....shame on all of you hypocrites.
Name: May May
The guy in question he is also a Ghanaian, Ghanaian- born Lebanese. So people should stop saying go to Lebanon and you can't do this n that. He not from Lebanon he is also Ghanaian as much us you and I are Ghanaian he has every right to be in the county. Ghanaian that have their kids here in UK what we called them "British born. I am not saying what the guy did was right but one thing for sure you and I were not there, so we will never know who is telling the truth here. But before anyone point figure at him pleas examine it yourself if your face could fixed in a blender given the shape and size of it.
Name: Atta Seidu
It is only a Ghanaian with low self esteem that would support this lebanese.It is only a Ghanaian with no integrity,greedy and money conscious that would defend this lebanese.Have you travelled before,have you tried living in arab land before, have you tried living in that war torn lebanon before as a Black man of Ghanaian?If the government wants to encourage patriotism in Ghana then this case should be handled well and proper in defence and favour of the young Ghanaian lady.For that lebanese boy just take his Ghanaian passport away from him, jail him 3 months in Ghana and after deport him back to lebanon.After government must see to it that a very heavy compensation is paid by that restaurant to the young lady.From near and afar we are watching closing how state institutions are going to handle and conclude this case.The world has change seriously so dont joke with Ghanaian in this matter.If you fail to give juzstice and compensation to the young lady then we would organise the people and do it our way then you will see the result. Nanamia.
Name: mr. Arhin
this lawyer is trying to tell ghanaians that ,this girl is faking to be blind, RIGHT.eei,Ghana ,we should be careful the way we follow money for lies.May god forgive this lawyer for accepting to defend this man ,i wish she travell outside and experience how you are differently accepted as a citizen.he was even not to be provided with a lawyer for the firrst time.
Name: Lawyer Sarfo Agyei
How can this lawyer defend this man with such confidence. If the lawyer is truly learned he would advise his client to go for a plea bargain and terrorize the poor victim again. What at all will this money do to you? conscience and love for your fellow Ghanaian must exceed anything else you will gain for being a chock ice. One day you will be the victim of their brutality. Ghana is for Ghanaians, if we cant have dignity here, then where else?
Name: kofi nyame BERLIN
this labaness dont respect black people anywhere in this world.this not the frist time the worst of it is comin.
Name: nkasiasem
this woman will not have seen a day in court if this happened in Lebanon, let alone get a lawyer. But here we are, he's been able to get a greedy ***barred word*** lawyer to represent him. I wish someone will stone and burn this lawyer to death. ***barred word***.

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