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VIDEO:Owusu Bempah Presents ‘Horn Of Strength’ To Akufo-Addo
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The prophet who swore to burn down his church building if NPP’s Flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo failed to win the 2016 elections has today honored him with some gifts following a fulfilled prophecy.

Founder and Head Pastor of the Glorious Word Power Ministry International presented a horn which he calls “the horn of the unicorn” together with a Bible to the President when he joined the congregation at Odorkor, Sunday March 19, to worship.

According to Rev. Owusu Bempah, he was instructed by God to give the horn which signifies the strength and power of God to the President as he faces the task ahead of him as President of the country.

“This is the Bible, and this Nana is a horn, when you read the Bible, it is referred to as the “horn of unicorn”, it represents the strength and power of God which God has instructed that I give to you”, he said as he presented the gift to the President.

President Akufo-Addo prior to the presentation from the outspoken man of God, donated a sum of ten thousand Ghana cedis to the church as a token of appreciation for the immense support he received from the man of God and his entire congregation.

The President indicated in his remarks that the visit was a gesture of appreciation to the man of God who massively supported him with his prayers and prophecy during the elections. He added, that though he fought against principalities and powers of darkness fighting against his victory, he was assured victory because he believed the battle was the Lord’s.

“During the elections, we knew we were fighting against principalities and powers, in all of that however, one thing kept me going, I believed that the battle was the Lord’s”, he said.

He further urged members of the congregation and Ghanaians at large to continuously support him through prayers to enable him successfully complete the task assigned him as leader of the nation.

Source: Ghanaweb.com

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Name: Vigbedor
Ghana is now having a leader I am proud to be Ghanaian
Name: Alimak
Eiiii Nana Addo whr is rude and arrogant Sammy Awuku. eiii so NANA you need prayers God punish u for allowing awuku to insult Atta mills that he has turn Flagstar house to church. old man u said u ve the men do it and let us see and stop bragging. you will die with pressure mark my words nobody want to kill old man like. Wht goes around comes around. wht insult u and ur party did not give to Mahama and Atta mills as if gh is collapse and u even instigating people to go on demonstration here and there you see old man pressure will kill you.
Name: @@Tony the Bull
Massa; for your information Jon Mahama is not the president of Ghana ; Nana Addo is the President of Ghana get your facts right before you start singing on roof tops for that idiotic womaniser Gonja thiff besides don't be a head full of saw dust because simple research will tell you that a lot of people from Bole are muslims but took christian names although their parents were muslims and because of the influence of Catholiscism during the colonial days in the north which made it easier for them to attend good catholic schools ; the fact that John was bearing the name 'John'during his marriage is irrelevant ; the question is what does his birth certificate say besides Jon Mahama's father was a muslim had over twenty children most of his wives were moslems and died as moslems ; so how do you explain this ; you are both moslems and you have a child at Bole ;you have never being christians in your life but then suddenly you decide to ignore the 'mufti' at the mosque and rather go and see the catholic priest at the cathederal to name your child as a christian called John ; does that make logical sense to you because as every body is aware there is an equivalent interpretation of the name John in the Koran so why did his parents not use the Koran equivalent besides if you have evidence of his marriage certificate or birth certificate why do not produce them rather than dance around this issue ; massa everybody is aware this ***barred word*** Jon mAhama is a green womniser and a professional thiff ; besides you can only be given your name after your birth but you may change such name in your lifetime for a ariety of reasons ; the case can easily be made with what is happening in the US with the racist Immigration policies by Donald Trump ; today if you have a moslem name the chances are you may be stopped at any US airport for further questioning besides I do not like Jon Mahama because from his own relative OTiko Djaba he is a wicked man and evil man ; who came to rape Ghana for his family .
for you info President Mahama did not change his religion because of his wife. if you care to know he was bearing the name John when they were getting married.so where did he get that name from ? since when did Muslims start naming John you can disagree with the posture of the president but please don't attack their person.
Name: k_europe
I like Nana and I am neutral on this Owusu Bempah guy BUT I have to say the aesthetics of this horn presentation is not good at all! Like one comment on this board said, please use your br_ain$ to rule the nation not some religious stuff. I believe int he Lord Jesus Christ but government has nothing tp do with the church. People are suffering, don't give credence to these so-called pastors. You know from now, he(Owsus Bempah and the others, I include Otabil and his likes(all milking Ghanaians) will have some sort of quasi semi-god status. ie. If a whole president can believe in them, who are you are common citizen to challenge them on their fradulent acts. Nana this was not good.
Whether anybody likes it or not ; to me Nana Addo is treading a very dangerous course with these Pastors and charlatan which could lead to his disgrace and downfall ;what baffles me is that as soon as leaders are elected in Ghana ; they tend to rally round these charlatan pastors with false prophesis;when JJ Rawings was in ower he aligned himself with pastor Ducan Williams callig the iditic stiller a frined ; I do not know much about Kuffour's choice of religious pastors but some how believed pastor were the ultimate ; then came Atta Mills ; a devout christian who used TB Joshua as his religious guru and accroded the status of head of state in Ghana ; the man was so religious but it did not help him he was murdered by his vice Jon Mahama ; Jon Mahama took over power ; this was a born moslem who suddenly changed his religious allegiance and become a christian because the lady he loved was a christian ; nothing wrong with that but then the sad part was that he was dabbling in the occult and burried 7 seven cows wuth the hope of winning the last elections but failed with his cocktail of religious and occult activities ; then today we have a highly educated and rational President Nana Addo ; who for some reason believes that his victory was seen and influenced by this charlatan pastor Owusu Pastor ;why is Nana Addo so naive to believe and fall for this fake and trickery by pastor Owusu; Nana Addo is providing all the political ammunition to the NDC because he could be accused that his closeness to Owusu Bempa is a gate way to worship Owusu Bempa satanic initiation ; WHY ARE OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS ENGROSSED IN THIS INCANTATIONS RATHER THAN USING THEIR BRAINS TO STEER THE COUNTRY ; because most of the successful economies do not rely on pastors in society to steer their countries but rather use their human brains resources to improve upon the lifes of their people ; so why on earth do we have our leaders involved in the QUAKRY because evidence shows cleary that ; most countries with extreme religious inclination are nevder succesful another example is these muslim counteries which represents utter utter country failure; NANA ADDO SHOULD STOP ACCORDING THESE PASTORS RESPECT AND SETTLE DOWN TO MANAGE GHANA NOT RUN AROUND WITH THESE FAKE PASTORS.
Name: horn of unicorn
Can someone help me to find in the bible where it talk about a horn of unicorn? This is strange. I have come across horns in the bible but not one of a unicorn. Can someone help with a verse.
Name: sad
Am disappointed, Atta mills consulted TB jushua and now Nana seeking help from Owusu bempah. hmmmmm if this is not divert attention from his elephant size ministers then I don't know the meaning of this. Please read Hebrews 1:1-2. Personal I don't believe Owusu bempah one bit.
Name: yaw manu
I expect the likes of mensah otabil and controversial bishops to comment on this ***barred word*** horn. if not then it means all these minister have in the past consult occultism in their church to make money at the expense of vulnerable. am ashamed. this is what happens when you want to be president by force, you believe in everything and do not know what is good from bad, trust the the lord enough of curses would befall on ghanaians. so there is better help than what rawlingse gave to akuffo addo. we shall all see and the world would be the witness
Name: JJ
Nana we love you so much. God's hands is upon you. Do not mind your enemies who are pouring insults on you on this platform. That is why they are in opposition they will remain in opposition for ever. NDC supporters and thier party is finished. It is going to collapse like CPP. Mark my word!

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