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Martin Amidu Fires Back At Ablakwa's 'Mischievous' Denial
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Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General in a recent article criticised the Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa for supposedly attacking him in a write-up titled “Martin Amidu’s ‘Hate Agenda”.

According to Mr Amidu, the article authored by Hon Ablakwa sought to take him on over some comments he made against former President John Mahama who was an international observer during the Kenyan election which was subsequently annulled by the country’s Supreme Court.

The former Attorney General did not mince words at all in taking Mr Ablakwa to the cleaners in his five paged latest publication.

I was astounded to read a feature article by dishonourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa entitled ‘Martin Amidu’s ‘Hate Agenda’ …on 5th September 2017 in which he opens with his conduct of restraining himself from commenting on my deliberate attacks on the former President and the NDC because of his respect for elders in the NDC and the party in general. Okudzeto Ablakwa is the person whom while claiming to be entitled to the title Honourable Deputy Minister at age 28 years without having done any public service in his life has made himself notorious for insulting everybody old enough to be his father and other elders including former President Rawlings and former President Kufuor. But Okudzeto Ablakwa chose to give the impression in his feature article devoted to insulting me with reckless abandon that he respects elders, at least in the NDC, and excuses his attacks on me for exercising my right to free speech in congratulating the Kenyan Supreme Court for the Court’s decision annulling the 8th August 2017 elections on the flimsy ground that I had attacked ‘the former President’ whom I believe is supposedly dumb figuratively and therefore unable to speak for himself,” Martin Amidu wrote.

However, the North Tongu MP in a statement denied ever attacking Mr Amidu.

I state for the record and in true conscience before God and man that I have authored no article on the Hon. Martin A.B.K. Amidu” he said.

But the "Citizen Vigilante", as Mr Amidu is affectionately called, insist the NDC MP is the author of that piece that sought to disparage him (Amidu).

Below is the response from Martin Amidu to Mr Ablakwa.


I have read Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s post on his Facebook wall in which he denies authorship of only one of the articles: “Martin Amidu’s ‘Hate Agenda’…” on Modern Ghana of 5th September 2017 and extends to me his best wishes and God’s blessings.

Hon. Ablakwa is a son who must be put right when he goes wrong. I cannot therefore refuse to accept his greetings and well wishes as that would be taboo in northern custom and tradition.

While I am ready to over-look this incident completely after calling him to order as a father should do, I cannot from my investigations before I wrote my article accept his mischievous denial of the authorship of one of the articles or any of them written insultingly against me. 

Andrew Krow is the time dependent pseudonym of Okudzeto Ablakwa when his articles appear on Modern Ghana. This is the only reason why Ablakwa’s article “On Developments In Kenyan…” which appeared on myjoyonline on 4th September 2017 under his real name and Parliamentary rank appeared on Modern Ghana on the same day under his pseudonym Andrew Krow except that he forgot to delete his real name and Parliamentary rank at the tail end of the article.  

Ablakwa’s article: “Martin Amidu, Is He A Contrarian,…” on Modern Ghana was also authored under his pseudonym Andrew Krow which he used to author “On the Developments In Kenya…” on the same website. It was under the same pseudonym that he authored “Martin Amidu And His ‘Hate Agenda’…” on the same website.  It could not be by coincidence that Ablakwa now seeks to escape through a side door with the excuse that one Ohenenana Obonti Krow authored “Martin Amidu And His ‘Hate Agenda’…” on ghananewsonline.com.gh on 4th September 2017 but forgets that the same article on Modern Ghana the same day was under Ablakwa’s pseudonym of Andrew Krow.  

Hon. Ablakwa is fast learning the art of covert operations and deniability in international relations, intelligence, and security. Unfortunately, he left too many foot prints that have exposed him and convince me with the precision of mathematics that he was the author of the two articles.   

I would rather wish to believe that Hon. Ablakwa’s partial denial signals a new beginning conveyed in the tone of the mischievous denial. I am too intelligent to accept the mischief that somebody else wrote the articles to knock our heads together.

Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, I wish you well and God’s guidance in this new beginning your message to me conveys.

Martin A. B. K. Amidu

(Citizen Vigilance for Justice)            

12th September 2017

Source: Peacefmonline.com

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Name: RICH
Mtweeeeeee..... Concert party politicians on the media landscape. Nothing positive to talk about than attacking one another. and the media giving such things a full attention because they also dont have anything to write. Lazy Ghanains except the current President.
Name: Bomber
Herrrr this is an excellent investigative work by Hon. Martin Amidu. And I am so shocked the way Dishonorable Ablakwa denied ever writing that article SWEARING BY THE NAME OF GOD. This is serious. I know Ablakwa knows how to lie but I never knew he has graduated to the point of USING THE NAME OF GOD to lie like this. LORD HAVE MERCY. I am shocked
Name: Great Son of Ghana Martin Amidu
The NDC could not stand him because he hates corruption. Sharp-Teeth-Baby-Okudzato taught he could silence him with his INSULTS as he's best known for but he failed big time. When Brains are working Propaganda has no place. Okudzato Ablakwa needs education. Insulting Elders to get ministerial position = FO0OLISH MINISTER.
Name: Sunshine Girl
Martin Amidu has fallen so deep into the pit of envy and hatred that I do not know what can bring him out of this pit.
Name: Tazan Boy
Martin will soon fall on his own dagger. Look at how he is struggling hard to do the damage-control instead of apologizing to honorable Okudzeto Ablakwah.
Name: @ Last lady
To begin with you cant be first lady because they read well to understand before they comment. They are not lazy.You are behaving like a typical Ablakwa by using a pseudonym(l guess you will understand this word)to deceive people thinking they wont find out. Dont be a lazy reader of Prophet Amidus rich,interesting and exciting articles ok.? lf cant read Prophet Martins well researched articles dont,dont ever comment.Its nauseating to read from people like you. lf nothing at all he made selfless and conscious efforts to put fire on the bottom of Woyomi on the states Ghc51 million......are you there last lady?????
Name: @First Lady Elect
Hmm!!, I see. The insane always think the sane is insane. I think you are insane. For every sane person will never think Mr. Martin Amidu is a "lunatic". I pray to meet this learned man. who knows our constitution from A to Z. Has integrity and excel in his career. He proved to Ghanaians that Ghana first before political party which are turning to ***barred word*** gangs. Lawyer Martin A B K Amidu, May the Almighty continue to Bless you.
Name: Light of the World
Dear Martin,most highly esteemed and noble scholar worthy of all praise, honour and reverence. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding be unto you. You are far to advanced for 98% of Ghanaians and 80% of the rest of the world. You have and continue to demonstrate the highest level of patriotism and unselfishness that needs to be emulated by all Ghanaians and the world over. When I establish my HE institution there will be a course on 'Amidu' ethics and moral behaviour which will be compulsory for all programmes at every level. May Allah grant you favour, radiant health and longevity. See you soon.
Name: Adam, Tamale
Mr. Amidu, May the Almighty Bless you. I am so happy of your response. Indeed I would have been surprised if you did not make those checks, considering the caliber of person you are. In fact when I heard the said article was authored by someone else and not Ablakwa, I was shocked. But I knew you wouldn't make such a mistake of not checking your sources well. As for Ablakwa and his colleagues, leave them. They think we non politicians don't have any intellect in our brains. May be some of us are better then them. They did that to NPP. Planted people to go and vandalize their office so they could tell Ghanaians that npp was not united. But the Almighty disgraced them. They seem not to be learning lessons.

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