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'Naked' Actress Christabel's Mother Speaks...
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Although actress Christabel Ekeh and her family say her nude pictures which have been making rounds on social media for the past week is introducing the “new Christabel” and advocating for women to embrace their body types regardless, her mother, Madam Emma Odoom insists Ghanaians pray for and with her daughter.

In addition to that, Madam Odoom is pleading with Ghanaians to stop insulting, calling her daughter names and talking about things they do not know about.
According to Madam Odoom, there is nothing mentally wrong with her daughter and that Ghanaians should pray and rally behind her so that whatever she is doing, will be successful instead of trolling her on the Internet.

“I think people should pray for my girl instead of circulating her pictures online. I wonder what they hope to achieve by doing that. Why would they engage themselves in things they know nothing about?

Christabel is working and she needs our love, support and prayers to succeed,” she said in an interview with Showbiz last Saturday. “My daughter is a very decent girl, she was brought up well and cannot do anything she knows will tarnish her image. She is not sick and does not need any psychological treatment or help as people are saying out there,“ she added.

“I can only say that, as a mother, I should support my children in anything they do, I need to love them and pray that whatever they touch would go well. That is where my fulfillment lies,” she noted. When asked if she personally thinks, it was appropriate for the Before Noon actress to take such pictures in the first place, Madam Odoom said, “like I said earlier, it is work related. She is a model too and sometimes due to the nature of their work and who they are in society, they need to take on some campaigns and loving your body is one of them” she said.

Since she said people do not really know her daughter, Madam Odoom was asked to describe Christabel Ekeh and this is what she said, “Christabel is the first of my three children. She is very cool, intelligent, loving and respectful.

She is kind and is very passionate about the things of God, which is how I brought her up.” “Her siblings look up to her and she disciplines them when they go wrong. She uses the least chance she gets to spend time with them, advising them to take their education serious and grow to become society changers,” she added.

Christabel Ekeh has been criticised and lambasted since last week for releasing more than 18 nude pictures of herself on an Instagram page that bears her name. While some of her fans believed her account was hacked, others took to social media to express their disappointment in the Potomanto actress for posting such photos.

The hacking ascertion was later debunked by the actress herself who says displaying the nude pictures of herself on social media was a way of introducing to the world the “new Christabel.” Christabel who has Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, came into the limelight at the age of 17 when she participated in the 2008 edition of Miss Malaika Ghana beauty pageant where she came second. She later followed it up with a modeling and acting career.

She has featured in movies like Peep, Potomanto, Before Noon, College Girls, Afia and Friends, The Battle, Sweet Mistake, Wrong Target and a host of others.

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Name: Suleman
Some of these girls are under pressure from certain societies they have joined to gain popularity to expose their naked bodies in exchange of that....because normally women find it disgusting to expose certain parts of their bodies to the public. For example, a normal and average lady would find it difficult to stand in front of her house to show even the breast in the glare of a few people especially men. So how can it be very simple and convenient for this lady to show all her "assets" in the full glare of the entire world via the internet? These girls are only paying for some kind popularity they have ostensibly been promised by some secret societies they might have been led into. For the mother, I can understand her because she is just trying very hard not to join the public in condemning her daughter. But deep down in my heart, I believe as a mother she is very sad about this development and have rebuked her in private. The answer to this moral degradation is to stop blindly following the morally rotten western life styles of the so called stars.
To the mother, Dont you have a man in the family, let the man speak first in the famil about this evil Issue pictures, stop disgrace womanhood.
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Fear of the LORD?
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What a mother! Am so shamed for her.
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like the mother like the daughter. What is success in this? And you are not SHA-ME-FUL as a mother. Your daughter is doing this and instead of keeping quite and praying for her in your closet you are defending HER. No doubt your daughter is taking after you.
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This woman is not serious. Who should we pray to? God! Dose God listen to prayers like this? people are dying of hunger in Sudan, Iraq, Syria and other countries, innocent people especially women and children are dying everyday in Raqqa and Mosul have you ever remember them in your prayers before? we should forget about this people leave our problems and pray for your grown up daughter who has decided to show her public part to the whole world? A person you claim she is mentally sound why do we have to pray for her? me nsos) ***barred word*** so

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