My Son Doesn’t Want His Father And I’m So Relieved – Caroline Sampson

On-Air Personality, Caroline Sampson has a six-year-old son, Jayden, whom she says is not interested in having a Daddy and Son relationship with his father.

According to the Y Fm presenter, she has a sour relationship with her baby daddy too because when she unexpectedly became pregnant, the man wanted her to abort it and she refused.

Sharing the narrative on Yvonne Okoro’s “Dining With Cooks & Braggarts” Tv Show, the former Malaika delegate said Jayden has witnessed his father’s disappointments, got fed up and asked for another father figure in his life which comes as her relief to her.

“We called his Dad on his birthday, I mean come on my son does not even know your number and so if he calls you, you know is the Mum. You tell him to dress up and wait for you and I’m like Ok so how is he gonna come because he doesn’t know where we live. This boy was there the whole day and you didn’t show up. This was in April and he up until now he never called his tablet because it was his tablet that he used to call not even my phone. So he said Mummy give me another Dad I don’t want this one anymore that was heartbreaking.”

During the long talk of what was almost emotional, Caroline detailed that she and her son meet his Dad once a while for a chat and he always promises to come see him but he never does and she thinks her son has had enough of that. “my son is a smart one and I’m not even upset that he doesn’t want him. I’m actually relieved.”

The once a while model chipped in that she is the father in the house and her mother has been a mother of the home whilst she (Caroline) goes out there to work for the home.