The Unsung Heroes

We wish to salute the petitioners who triggered the process which led to the eventual removal from office of Chartlotte Osei and two commissioners of the Electoral Commission (EC).

We have witnessed what they have done, we like it, we admire it and will stand by them as would other well-meaning Ghanaians as they resolve to ensure that the right things are done.

Their sense of patriotism and commitment to see to the eventual cleansing of a contaminated EC deserves plaudits and support from cherishers of democracy and a genuine better Ghana.

Indeed we recognize how much their efforts have distanced Ghana from inching towards a precipice and therefore a long period of an avoidable strife.

We can only conjecture what could have befallen Ghana’s democracy had the status quo remained at the elections management centre of the country.

Characteristic of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), they have mounted some efforts to belittle the moves of the petitioners. More of such noises are definitely in the pipeline and would not be long in coming.

Apart from describing the petitioners as some faceless personalities, an opinion shared by Charlotte, they claimed one of them is even dead the date of demise having no bearing at all on the petition anyway.

It takes one person or a group to take the bull by the horns and make the first stride towards transformation. Living under an integrity-challenged EC, their public confidence at its lowest ebb, cannot be an option for us Ghanaians who deserve better. Although the rot served the interest of Charlotte and the NDC, the latter have turned the facts upside down preferring rather the path of political bellicosity. That certainly is a time-tested diversionary tactic of the party they are not ready to abandon.

Yesterday, some of the petitioners left Ghanaians in no doubt at the existence of men of integrity who would leave no stone unturned in ridding the society of misfits who find themselves in establishments requiring a high sense of integrity.

Managing the EC is not about whether Ghanaians or for that matter, a particular political party sees and likes your policies or even decisions. It is about being principled and living above board. It is neither about a countenance nor arrogance. Indeed it is the efficient and competent management of the EC so that the output which is electoral results reflects the will of the people and therefore devoid of bias.

The petitioners have proven to us that all is not lost with the future of Ghana. They have blazed the trail and others in state agencies who have sufficient evidence about such places being managed incompetently should stand up and raise their voices so that the necessary intervention can be made.