Obituary: A profile of Mrs Perpetua Phyllis Darfoor (nee Adigbo)

Pepertua was born to Joseph Kodzo Adigbo and Mrs Agnes Amawayo Adigbo (both of blessed memory) and started schooling at the Holy Family Catholic School in Mataheko. She continued later at the St. Mary’s Elementary School, Korle Gorno, also in Accra.
She was very intelligent and brilliant and it was no surprise that she passed the Common Entrance Examination, obtaining a full scholarship to continue her education at the Holy Child Secondary School, at Cape Coast in September 1963 .She was confirmed on 10th June 1967.
At Holy Child, she passed her ‘O’ Level examinations in June 1968 and continued her sixth form education at the Aburi Girls Secondary School in the same year and in June 1970 obtained her ‘A’ Level Certificate.

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