Confidence: I Could�ve Done Better On Red Carpet

Glamour girl Confidence Haugen has admitted her performance as a presenter on the red carpet of the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) could have been better. Confidence received widespread criticisms after her performance on the red carpet and many gave her low marks as more was expected of her due to her status as a showbiz mogul and Ghana�s former representative to the Big Brother Africa reality contest. Confidence, over the weekend, spoke on the issue and explained what made her performance below par. �Initially it was a bit hard for me because it was a first time for me but after a while, it was fantastic. I had so much fun� there is always a first time to everything. You have to start from somewhere and improve (on) it so if they did not like it, I am sure some others liked it. But I can only say that next time, I would make it better,� Confidence noted on Peace FM� Entertainment Review during an interview with host of the show, Akwasi Aboagye. She added, �It was my first time, I have to stress that and it was live so obviously the nerve got a bit of me because it was my first (time). But I am sure that the other presenters, if they should play their first interview to the world, they would have a laugh.� When asked what her greatest moment on the red carpet was, she said it was her time with comedian, Funny Face. �Oh my goodness, Funny Face made it worth my while. I don�t know if you guys got to see that but right after that interview with him, it was easy for me to do. Funny Face made it worth my while. He made me have fun�The whole thing was charming for me and I had fun throughout. I can only say next time, I would do better.� Confidence is the chief executive of the Aphrodisiac Nightclubs in Accra and Kumasi. When she was asked to grade her performance she said, �I could say that I would grade myself a seven or an eight. I have to say I really have a lot of respect for presenters. It is not an easy job and you have to think right out of your head and on your feet. You know it�s a tough job and it was being carried live. At the beginning, I had a lot of technical problems�.. I like my performance for my first time. It could be better because there was a technical problem.�