Becca�s Lawyers Angry

Lawyers of the celebrated Afro-pop musician, Rebecca Acheampong, who goes by the stage name Becca, are fuming over media reports that the singer is in a love relationship with her manager, Kiki Banson of EKB Records. The singer�s lawyers have described the publications as �laughable� and accused NEWS-ONE of being at the forefront of an alleged �orchestrated agenda to tarnish and drag the hard won reputation of this hardworking and talented musician into the mud�. Her lead counsel, Nii Adjin Mensah Esq, has asked NEWS-ONE to retract the said publication and render an apology to the artiste. He has also threatened legal action if the requested apology and retraction were not rendered by the end of working day on Friday May 25, 2012. The letter came from Fosu-Gyeabour & Co Kingdom Royal Chambers on the instructions of EKB Records on behalf of Becca. NEWS-ONE reproduces the full letter, unedited. The Editor, News-One. Dear Sir, Publication of Defamatory Material As Solicitors for EKB records we write to bring to your attention our client�s discontent about certain publications you have carried out in your newspaper recently. Our client, as we believe you are aware, manages one of the most popular artistes in this country, Rebecca Acheampong (BECCA) and understand how reporting stories about her activities can be mutually beneficial but when such publications go to the obscene level, then due recompense will be demanded. Your newspaper seems to be at the forefront of an orchestrated agenda to tarnish and drag the hard won reputation of this hardworking and talented musician into the mud and we are at pains to bring to your attention that such conduct has dire consequences. Your publications we have a bone of contention with is the one which sought to portray this well cultured and disciplined young lady as a husband snatcher. Even though your publication that Becca was dating her manager is laughable, its repercussions are so very far reaching that our client has asked us to indicate to you that the publication was reprehensible. Our client has over the years regarded the media as a very important partner in the industry and has consequently worked very closely with the media and is desirous that the spirit of co-operation continues. In that spirit, we call on you to retract these false, malicious and fabricated stories and render an unqualified apology to Becca and her management within 7 days after receipt of this letter. You are however warned that should you fail to do as we have requested we have instructions to take legal action against you. Be advised. Yours faithfully, SIGNED Nii Adjin Mensah Esq.