Govít Pulls Down Flats For Shopping Mall

Information available to the New Statesman indicates that a new shopping mall is to be constructed on the site which once housed government flats located close to the 37 Military Hospital. The flats, which had housed public servants for decades, were recently razed down rendering a majority of the occupants homeless. Public servants who spoke to the New Statesman on condition of anonymity stated that they we given only three months by the new owners of the land to vacate site or be forcibly removed from the flats. Reports indicate that some of the residents who had not been able to secure accommodation were forcibly removed from their flats, with their belongings thrown out before bulldozers and wrecking balls pulled down the flats. This development comes at a time President Mills and his ruling National Democratic Congress deem the acquisition of lands and property belonging to the state as immoral. Many are therefore questioning the motive behind the decision by the Mills-Mahama led administration to sell flats inhabited by public servants in favour of the construction of a shopping mall.