I'll Support the Feeding Programme If... Amoako-Tuffour

Former Executive Chairman of the School Feeding Programme, Kwame Amoako-Tuffour has described his victory in a case involving his wrongful dismissal as victory for the rule of law and moral practice. Dr. Amoako-Tuffour was sacked by the erstwhile Kufour administration as head of the Programme. His dismissal was explained as part of a re-structuring exercise to inject efficiency into the programme. Describing government’s action as inappropriate, an Accra High Court on Monday ruled in favour of Dr. Amoako-Tuffour. He has subsequently been awarded damages to the tune of 130, 000 Ghana Cedis by the court. Speaking to XYZ News, the elated Dr Amoako-Tuffour said his removal from office cast a slur on his reputation and the court action was intended to restore his it. “I brought a job to Ghana. Many people in bringing jobs… Now when God has been so kind to me and I had succeeded in this, I think it was important not to create any funny ideas in people’s minds.” He revealed that the money will be used to support the education of needy children in the country. The originator of the School Feeding Programme also expressed disappointment at the progress of work on the programme so far. He however stated that he will not hesitate to give a hand to save the situation if government deems fit to call on him to do so. “We all believe it is for the children of this country. I brought it, I set the structures up, I know what can be done to remedy… I always say that the children, they don’t wear any political clothing.”