Is Veep John Mahama Serious?

A few days ago Vice President John Dramani Mahama was reported to have said that, the NPP will not have any message to campaign on as we rolling gradually to the December polls. When I read the story I honestly thought Veep John Mahama was cracking a joke similar to what comedian Bob Okalla usually does on National Television. I was however shocked when subsequent paragraphs of the story confirmed that; John Mahama did indeed say that, the NPP has no message to campaign on even though we are already campaigning! What I did was to laugh out loud and consign what he said to a Zoomlion container nearby. For political reasons John Mahama could have made such a statement characteristic of any politician better. But to say the NPP has no campaign message on the day Jake flood the government in court to say the least is nauseating! Let me tell Veep John Mahama on some of the things the NPP will campaign on. We will tell the electorates that, you promised to reduce fuel prices drastically but ended up increasing it drastically since you took over the affairs of ruling mother Ghana. We will again tell the electorate that, when you were looking for power you accused us of corruption but when u finally got the power you fraudulently paid huge sums of money to one of your financiers Alfred Woyomi as Judgment debts. We will tell the electorates that, some of your appointees’ right in the middle of the castle is buying over $5Million Dollar houses in Accra. John Mahama, we will tell the people that, you promised them one term premium for the National Health Insurance scheme but failed. That will not be all; we will tell them that, in your regime cocaine turned into washing soap. We will tell the people that, your promise to create employment for Ghanaians ended in the formation of Unemployed Graduates Association because the jobs you allegedly created could only be found in “Green Books” than they could be seen in real terms. Our campaign message will be that, you promised Gonjas a region but when they voted for you, you failed them woefully! You promised them peace and there is fighting everywhere in Gonjaland with the most recent one being the Buipe Chieftaincy crisis were two chiefs are struggling for recognition. In your time Accra the capital of the country has three Ga-Mantses. In your time Bimbilla in the Northern Region has two chiefs. In your time Kpatinga in the Northern Region also has two chiefs. We will tell the people that, you have not been able to solve the Bawku crisis as promised. Vice-president John Mahama, we will tell the people that, since independence your nearly four year rule has borrowed more money than all regimes put together and the money used to buy Christmas hampers for journalist, pampers, with your transitional committee using billions of Ghana Cedis on Chelsea tea and Kebabs! Whilst we brought the National Youth in Employment programme, the School Feeding Programme, the Capitation grant, the National Health Insurance Scheme among other things that has created jobs for your boys, you can’t even point out to a single social intervention project that you have brought to the people of Ghana. Whilst you have failed woefully we will tell the people that our candidate Nana Akufo Addo will introduce free SHS and vocational training in Ghana when we win in December. The SADA you plagiarized from the NPP but failed, we will assure your brothers in the North of Ghana of its successful implementation. We will tell the people how innocent Ghanaians are killed in front of police stations in the Agbogloshie Market in Accra with your regime doing nothing about it. Vice President John Dramani Mahama I hope you now have an idea about some of the campaign messages we will be campaigning on and you now at least know that we have a message not insults and lies to campaign on.