FONKAR Split Over Konadu NDC Logo Threats

The Western Regional Coordinator of Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, FONKAR, Thomas Appiah has said the group which organized a press conference in the region on Monday as FONKAR is an imposter. The group held a press conference on Monday to address the need for the former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, to let go of the controversial NDC logo. The coordinator, also known as Tilapia, says the group which consists of break-away FONKAR members did not inform him or the Head Quarters in Accra about the press conference. He told XYZ News the group has been influenced by the Mills-led administration to vilify the Rawlingses. �I believe they were influenced because I know one or two of them who have landed jobs after Sunyani so I am not surprised. The people who went for that press conference, I can say four of them were with us. I don�t know of the others and if you scrutinize carefully you will realize that they are all constituency executives.� He said he was not informed by the group before the conference was organized and that, adding they have been bought by the government officials. �I am fully in support of whatever madam is doing. If the logo is hers and she wants the logo because it is not be used for what she gave it out to be used for.� Members of the group which held the conference Monday claim that no one can profess ownership of FONKAR because it is not a registered group. One of them, Paul Azalekor insists he is the organizer of FONKER in the Western region. He told XYZ News the Coordinator of FONKAR opposed the press conference because he (the Coordinator) was not in favour of the topic for discussion.