"I Don�t Do Drugs"- Actress

It may be a PR gimmick or a blackmail attempt on actress Sika Da Diva and her supposed secret lover, Slim Busterr. Slim is releasing his movie, �Hellmett� onto the open market this morning and over the weekend, rumuors started spreading that he had produced the movie with �drug money� and that one of his lead cast, Sika, was a drug user, peddler and agent. These talks are coming on the heels of earlier reports that Slim and Sika were secret lovers and bonking partners. But the two came out to deny the rumours, with Sika regretting the fact that she was cast for the movie. As regards the drugs rumuors, Slim simply refused to talk on the matter but rather issued threats, while Sika literally broke down in tears when NEWS-ONE contacted her. The actress virtually pleaded with the paper to drop the story; �Why, you guys now want me to be on National Security wanted list. Why why why? What have I done? Please tell those who are spreading those crazy talks to forgive me if I have wronged them. I don�t want to be associated with drugs. I beg them.� �Yes I smoked in the movies but that was just for acting. In real life I don�t smoke. I did some smoking in �Hellmett�. If that is what they want to portray as drugs, then in their dreams. I don�t do drugs. Smoking, I think, can�t be considered as (doing) drugs. �Whatever it is please don�t go and associate me with drugs. You know our society and how people understand and accept things. I don�t want to have issues with immigration when I�m traveling. Please!� she stated. Sika alluded to claims about her and Slim, saying, �It is the same way they made unfounded allegations about Slim and I. I go out there and people think it is true. It is everywhere. It is no joke and I won�t joke about this drug thing. Please forget about doing any story.� Sika, born Dzuali Romana Sika Afi, is a former beauty queen. She started flirting with the movie industry in 2008 and has appeared in over eight movies. She was recently in some productions in Nollywood including �I Propose�, starring some of Nigeria�s cr�me de la cr�me. She was also in �Prince Bride� by Venus Films and the controversial movie, �Hearts of Men�. She represented Ghana at the �Beauty of the World� 2010 Pageant in China and returned with an enviable Miss Personality crown. Her last movie �Helmet� was the one produced by top musician Slim Busterr. In her final plea to NEWS-ONE about dropping the story, Sika said, �If you still want to go ahead, please I don�t do drugs. I have a family and I am from a responsible family. They taught me that drugs are not good and I grew up with that doctrine. I don�t do drugs and I�m sure if you see those who do drugs you will know them. I don�t look like one. If you say I talk, yes I can talk very well and my friends know that about me.�