"I Will Stab Roki To Death"

�I will kill that guy, I will stab him to death,� these were the chilling words that came out of Maneta�s mouth after another heated confrontation with Roki. Just when it looked like the Upville Housemates were all getting along, the Roki and Maneta saga reared its ugly head again. Maneta made this provocative statement while speaking to Prezzo about her and her fellow country mate�s latest tiff. Seeing the Zimbabwean beauty fuming even after Roki walked out of the room to cool off, Prezzo asked her what it was about Roki that made her get so wound up. �His arrogance, I want to wipe that smirk off his face. I want to cut off his tongue so that he never speaks again,� she retorted. A clearly enraged Maneta also claimed that the very sound of Roki�s voice made her want to stab herself to death. During their confrontation earlier on, Maneta called out to Big Brother, asking if he could see that she was being provoked. She also repeatedly called Roki a loser and asked: �What have you accomplished, what you have?� The muso snapped back: �Awards, which you wish to have.� The increasingly irritated lass then started singing: �Jesus come into my soul right now and save me,� while trying to calm herself down. Roki mumbled: �And so the fat lady sings,� before walking out of the room to clear his mind. Later on in the evening, while outside with Prezzo and Keitta, Roki claimed that the tension between the two was due to Maneta�s jealousy of Eve and that she was envious of his affection for the ousted Tswana lady. �She gets mad at anyone who says the name,� the muso insisted. Prezzo Goldie and Prezzo were locked in each other arms and slow dancing to music when the rapper told his girl: �Ok this is the part where you give me a big kiss.� The Nigerian lass stared squarely into her beau�s eyes and pleaded: �Never tell me that we are good friends ever again, even if you are angry.� Earlier in the day Goldie broke down as she reflected on the breakdown of their romance during her diary session. Fast forward to later in the evening and the singer was giggling like a schoolgirl as the rapper playfully leaned in a few times for a kiss. At Prezzo�s instruction, Keitta interjected on the intimate moment to encourage the two to go through with the kiss. He jokingly told the lovers, �You may kiss the bride�. The two however ended up not kissing because Goldie felt too shy to kiss in front of the other Housemates. Previously, Prezzo had said that he actually was not put off by Goldie�s prudency but that he found it to be an admirable quality and hailed her as a �real woman�. Earlier on during a bonding session between the two, the smooth talking Prezzo told Goldie �I�m still your boo�. The Kenyan hunk apologised to his lady, explaining that he thought she was being cocky when she was Head of House and that was the reason why he had distanced himself from her. �I don�t feel that I have changed. It�s not like it is a presidency and it is not a guarantee that I will be here for 90 days so why would I have changed,� replied Goldie at the insinuation that the HoH power had gone to her head. Prezzo then claimed that he had changed his mind and now realised that he had misjudged the situation. Later on the two were in the bedroom when the Kenyan painted the word �happiness� on her thigh and the two continued laughing and bonding.