Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah Again In "The Groom’s Bride"

The movie industry is coming of age now in Ghana, Producers are getting experienced, Directors are enhancing their courses, production houses are getting more equipment to better what they started with as an eye-saw years ago, actors and actresses are going the extra mile in educating themselves in the quest to claim top notch spots in and outside Ghana. The competition is getting hotter and better, therefore everyone battles it out to have his or her face beamed on screen to the fans. Everyday, new movies creep out of the lockers of production houses with new concepts taking toll of the environment. Film houses have started going the extra mile in feeding the populace with good standards; thus, Venus Films Production took Jackie Appiah to a The Gambia School for about two months on a language course so she could play one of the lead roles in the much anticipated THE GROOM’S BRIDE. The Ghanaian movie well produced with huge support from The Gambia government tells about true love, lies and more also the culture of The Gambia coming into play. One can say that improvement is gradually setting into the film industry in this part of our globe. Set in Ghana and The Gambia with great emphasis in the twist and turns of an engaged Ghanaian man, Bill (played by Majid Michel) who goes on a two weeks vacation leaving his fiancée, Loveth (played by Nigerian J. J. Bonny) and then sardonically falls in love with a The Gambia tour guide, Asumbi (played by Jackie Appiah). Directed by Frank Rajah Arase and produced by Abdul Salam Mumuni, this is one piece which stands to get thumbs up for good work made in Ghana. Other Acts that spiced up the splendor of this movie are Ceesay and Nass (both from The Gambia), Kofi Adjololo, Amanobia, and David Gardner.