Throat Problem Delay Release of Jon Germain's 2nd Album

Pop singer Jon Germain has had to hold on to the release of his second album, Enigma due to a prevailing problem with his throat. According to his management the condition has been prevailing on the song writer for close three months and has hindered the progress of his second album which was due for release later this year. This development has made it impossible for the multi-talented showbiz guru to record the last few songs on the album. The album is tipped to be one of the finest albums in recent times and his finest work so far. His first album “THIS IS WHO I AM” was a statement, a declaration of his love for music and an introduction to his type of music. The second is said to be an embellished gift, a piece of art and a rare gift of melodies. In a related development a few names that are expected to pop up on the album would be disclosed soon, but close sources to the singers management have mention 2011 Rapper Of The Year and undisputedly one of the finest rappers on the continent would be blessing the album. The track listing of the album is due out soon.