Osibisa To Re Launch Album On July 21

Osibisa, a world acclaimed Afro-pop music group led by Teddy Osei, has announced that all is set for the group to re-launch its ‘Happy Children’ album and syncos compilation at the Alliance Francaise in Accra on July 21. The album launch, which is designed to promote syncos music in Ghana, is expected to attract a large number of stakeholders in the music industry as well as friends of Osibisa and music fans from all walks of life. At the launch, members of Osibisa will perform most of their hit songs on the album to entertain fans. The album re-launch is being organized by Scratch Studios in collaboration with Fly Elephant and Creative Storms. Founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate Africans and three Caribbean musicians, Osibisa was one of the first African bands to become widely popular, leading to claims of founding world music. The band spent much of the 1970s touring the world, playing to large audiences in Japan, America, Australia, India and Africa. In 1977, the band was invited to Ghana, after FESTAC in Nigeria, to stage a series of concerts and were able to raise funds up to the tune of $100 000 to set up a theatre complex to help younger highlife musicians. In the 1990s, their music was widely anthologized in many collections, most of them paying no royalties whatsoever to the band. In 1980, Osibisa performed at a special Zimbabwean independence celebration, and in 1983 were filmed onstage at the Marquee Club in London. Changes in the music industry however (punk and disco primarily) meant declining sales for the band, and a series of label changes resulted. In 1996, Osei reformed the band, and many of their past releases began coming out on CD. Osibisa had an energetic performance in India at the November Fest 2010 at the Corporation Kalaiarangam in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The name Osibisa was described by the band members as meaning “criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness” but it actually comes from “osibisaba” the Fante word for highlife. Osibisa’s style of music continues to influence many of the emerging African musicians. As a legacy for the future generation, Teddy Osei and Kofi Amoankohene of Scratch Studious, a Record Label originating from Ghana, have worked tirelessly to develop a music genre. They are the brain child of syncos music genre, which embodies elements of afro jazz, afro rock and afro beat.