NPP Had The Effrontery To Slam Mills Because Rawlings Behaved Like Brutus

A member of the Communications Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Felix Kwakye-Ofosu, believes former President Rawlings should have shown a bit of sensitivity to the family of the late President Mills in his recent remarks regarding the death of his once beloved protégé instead of arrogating unto himself the role of a “pathologist”. President Mills died on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at about 14:15 hours (GMT) at the 37 Military Hospital. Though the autopsy report is yet to be made public, former President Rawlings, told the BBC World Service in Congo Brazzaville on Wednesday, that he was shocked to hear the news of the death of Prof Mills but it did not come to him as a surprise. He revealed that the late Mills suffered from cancer which affected both his eye and his ear, and "he couldn’t sustain it more than three hours per day." “Quite frankly, I think had he been advised and done something wiser earlier on, he could probably have survived for another six, seven months I guess, but he got too tight, he got extremely tight and the poor professor passed away.” But Felix Kwakye-Ofosu considers Mr Rawlings’ comments as an anthema to African tradition and believes has the potential of further stirring the grief of the late president’s family as well as that of the wife, Mrs Naadu Mills. “Ex-President Rawlings constituted himself into a pathologist and diagnosed the cause of death of President Mills and discussed what he perceived to be great details, the cause of what President Mills’ death was. This is something that is completely alien to African tradition. It is simply not done and if for nothing at all…President Rawlings ought to have shown sensitivity to the woman’s plight (Mrs Naadu Mills) by refraining from saying things that has the potential of stirring further grief in the woman and indeed the family of President Mills,” he said.