Britain Named In World's Laziest Countries

A massive 63.3 per cent of the UK population was found to be inactive, making it the eighth laziest country out of the 122 ranked. Meanwhile, Greece was seen to be the least lazy country in the study, with just 15 per cent of its people being inactive, the Daily Mail reports. Across the pond, the US is a lot less lazy than Brits may believe, coming 46th laziest. People were classed as inactive if they did not get around 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week. Malta was given the top spot for idleness, with 71.9 per cent of citizens classed as inactive, with Swaziland (69 per cent) and Saudi Arabia (68.8 per cent) rounding out the top three. Serbia, Argentina, Micronesia and Kuwait were all categorised as lazier than Britain, while the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia took the ninth and tenth spots. Overall, women ranked lower than men in the study, with the highest percentage of inactive women being discovered in countries where they do not tend to work like Saudi Arabia. The results of the survey are being revealed to coincide with the Olympic Games in a bid to help lazy people get active.