Sarkodie Goes Mad Over His Leaked Song

We all know musicians put in a lot, I mean a lot to bring out the best of music for our listening pleasure; studio sessions at night, recording countless times and edits to get the final output is not a joke. Those that have been at studio sessions will know what I�m talking about. I�m sure after all this is done and you don�t get to approve of the final product and it gets leaked before you can even hear it, won�t be pleasant news. Earlier this week, I got an email with a song by Sarkodie featuring AJ Omo Alajah (A Ghana-based Nigerian singer) titled �Hallelujah�. The email said leaked song. But we all know what leaked songs mean right? It means it�s a way of getting more hype for the song. So I treated it as such. Later I heard rumors that Sarkodie is so mad because of the leaked song, both of them being my friends, I contacted them both. First the producer �Sammie Blacc� who produced and recorded the song, he said he has no idea how the song got leaked. Sarkodie on the other hand wasn�t so much pleased. Dude doesn�t seem to be laughing. He also further went ahead to say, this is the more reason why he doesn�t like to work with upcoming producers and engineers as mostly, he does not get to even hear the song but out of their eagerness and over excitement, they release the song. He said this is not the first time as his song; �Gogo Woho� also got leaked before he approved of it. Have a feel of the song below: