Prez. Mills’ Funeral Was “Perfectly Perfect” - Family

The family of the late President John Mills has expressed satisfaction at the state burial put together by the Funeral Planning Committee. Spokesperson for the late President’s family in Ekumfi Otuam, Sylvanus Awotwe Pratt told Citi News, all their expectations were met. He said “our hopes have been met with regards to the family’s dialogue and talks with the funeral planning committee but it is left with some few closed door meetings that we had with them and so we hope the expectations and agreements in those meetings will be fulfilled.” Before his funeral and burial ceremony, some of the family members of the late President wanted their son and relative to be buried in his hometown, Ekumfi Otuam but the issue was however resolved upon consultations between them, government and the Funeral Planning Committee. He also stated that “the family is taking consolation in the fact even though he is dead, we believe he is still living.” Meanwhile, the head of the President’s family in Cape Coast, Abusuapayin Ato Kakraba Brew also described the ceremony as perfectly done. He said, “it was perfectly perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more because they systematically did everything for us. So we owe them a big thank you. The whole country can testify to that and so we are satisfied.”