Two of Ghana’s Celebrated Christian Leaders...Says Mills Is In Heaven

Two of Ghana’s celebrated Christian leaders have said they are sure Ghana’s late President Atta Mills is currently in heaven resting in the bosom of God. Though this is a belief held by several Christian leaders, Bishop Dag Heward Mills, leader of the Lighthouse Chapel International and Reverend Ebenezer Adarkwa Opambour Yiadom of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center, in separate interviews, publicly stated their belief about Atta Mills being in heaven and not in hell. “I believe Professor Mills is with the Lord Jesus because he openly confessed Jesus Christ as his Saviour…I think our president was someone who openly showed that he was a Christian. Many politicians do not openly show their faith or what they believe but President Mills was unique in that regard so we thank God for him. We are praying that there would be more presidents who would be Christians who would show their Christian belief and support the work of God and the church as he did,” Bishop Heward Mills noted in an interview minutes after the late president was buried. Rev. Opambour, who also traveled all the way from Kumasi to Accra, just to pay his last respect to the late president, explained that the Bible had given the ways through which a man could get to heaven after death and as far as he was concerned, Professor Mills had reconciled with his Maker before his death. “So why not; he has gone to heaven and this is a strong feeling I have. Let those who judge him continue to judge him; what matters is that God is the final judge of us all and we should rather start to correct the mistakes in our relationship with God rather than correct the mistakes of a dead Christian president. “This is a president who was not shy to tell the world that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. We need to put aside our partisan politics and give honor to who honor is due. As a pastor, I am happy to have a leader who believes in the things I believe in and a leader who really led an exemplary life,” Opambour stated and added that the departure of President Mills would further create unity among Ghanaians. When Bishop Heward Mills was asked what the mood of the country should be after the death and burial of Professor Mills, he had this to say: “I think we should be reflecting and thinking about eternity. Professor Mills is out of this world; where did he go? He is either going to heaven or to hell. Because the Bible tells us that there are only two places you can go to after death. So all of us should be thinking about eternity now and ask ourselves where we would also be going after death. “President Mills has taken the lead and it is only a matter of time and most of us would be out of this world. So let Ghanaians think about eternity and give their lives to Jesus Christ so that we have our names in the book of life.” Heward Mills shared some personal experience with the late president: “In one of my interactions with him, he was saying that in the next budget, he was going to allocate some money for Christians to be able to go for pilgrimage in Jerusalem like other religions are sponsored. So I was actually waiting for that to happen.”