Alleged Robbery Suspect Shot In The Leg

The vigilance of a good citizen and the co-operation of a taxi driver has led to the arrest of the two suspects and the discovery and seizure of an AK47 loaded with 48 rounds of ammunitions and 41MM ammunitions in the taxi they had chartered from Krobo Odumase in the Eastern Region to Weija. Nii Addo Tettey, 34, a trader, currently hospitalised as a result of gunshot wound in the leg, and Nene Sackitey Asare, 42, a fisherman, had initially chartered the taxi from Krobo Odumase to Tema on August 5. Briefing The Finder, the Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Patrick Timbillah, stated that on Sunday, August 5, the suspects charted a taxi from Krobo Odumase to Tema. He said on reaching a spot at a junction in Tema, Nii Addo and Nene Sackitey instructed the taxi driver to stop. They (suspects) alighted, and returned to the taxi with a green woollen bag. The taxi driver took to the motorway heading towards Legon to Krobo Odumase, but the suspects told him that they were heading towards Weija. At Weija, at about 9:00pm, they asked the taxi driver to stop. They entered a spot to buy two bottles of Malt and Alomo Bitters, offering one bottle of Malt to the taxi driver. According to DCOP Timbillah, the taxi driver initially refused to take the malt, but finally took it after the suspects coaxed him. Nene Sackitey went out of the taxi to make a call, and came back some few minutes later with kenkey, which the driver refused to eat. The suspects left and entered the drinking spot, leaving the taxi driver in the cab. DCOP Timbillah said as though they had lost their track, the suspects asked for directions from a passerby. The passerby became suspicious due to the appearance and behaviour of the suspects so he went closer to the taxi driver and asked where the suspects were from because they (suspects) told him they were from Tema. The taxi driver was unhappy since he had brought Nii Addo and Nene Sackitey from Krobo Odumase. The driver, together with the passerby, opened the suspects’ bag and saw the weapon and ammunitions. The passerby then went to the Weija Police Station to lodge a complaint. DCOP Timbillah said, unfortunately, Nii Addo and Nene Sackitey who were in the drinking spot took to their heels on seeing the police. The police arrested the taxi driver. The next day, Monday, August 6, the police went with the taxi driver to Agormenya, where they encountered the suspects. The taxi driver had earlier gotten details of the suspects during their conversation in the taxi. When the police spotted Nii Addo, he took to his heels, but was shot by the police. Nii Addo, who had on him a pistol with seven rounds of ammunitions, led the police to arrest Nene Sackitey. Nii Addo told the police that the pistol found on him was given to him for protection. Currently, Nii Addo is on admission at the Police Hospital while Nene Sackitey is in police custody. DCOP Timbillah said investigations were still ongoing.