Husband Severs Wife’s Hands

Lumorvi Hajia, 40, a farmer at Dzramavinear Ziope in the Agotime-Ziope District, is reported to have severed both hands of his wife, Sylvia Hajia, on Tuesday July 24 over harvesting of tomatoes in their farm. Lumorvi was said to be intent on cutting off Sylvia’s head with a cutlass, but Sylvia’s shout for help brought people to her rescue. Lumorvi took to his heels and is suspected to be hiding in nearby Republic of Togo. Assistant Commissioner of Police Alex Bedie, the Volta Regional Police Commander, who briefed the media, said in the course of the quarrel that Tuesday afternoon, Sylvia took to her heels, but Hajia gave her a chase, kicked her to the ground and raised a cutlass to decapitate her. He said Sylvia blocked the strike with both hands and lost them instead of her head. Mr. Bedie said Sylvia was responding to treatment at the Volta Regional Hospital and that the police are looking for Hajia.