Who Said I Charge GH �15,000? - Amakye Dede Asks

Highlife living legend Abrantie Amakye Dede is wondering why there are speculations in the media about how much he charges per performance and who is fuelling the false information. Amakye Dede, who was responding to questions from the media about how much he charges for a show, said "Do you know how much I pay the man who plays violin for every show? Even though the �Iron Boy� singer did not mention exactly how much he charges, he said he definitely takes more than GH�15,000 per performance. He disclosed this at the official launch of the second edition of the �Legends and Legacy Ball� at Erata Hotel on Friday August 17, 2012 in Accra. The Highlife maestro was unveiled to the media as the next artiste to be accorded that honour at a brief ceremony. In his address, the hugely talented highlife musicain said he was very humbled by the honour and the realization that Ghanaians appreciate what he has been doing all these years. �It is going to be �seeeeriousss� on that day�, he stated and thanked organizers of the event for the initiative. Communications Director for Imajin Advertising, organisers of the event, Fiifi Banson, also commented on the reports of how much Abrantie charges as his performance fee saying if foreign musicians can be paid thousands of US dollars to come and perform in Ghana, then he believes Amakyi Dede even deserves GH �100,000.