Nigerians Arrested Over Tefle Ritual Murders

Two Nigerians have been arrested by the police in Tefle in the Volta region for their alleged involvement in ritual murders. The two, whose identities are not yet known, are reported to have checked into a hotel in the town with a young lady who the youth of the area suspect was going to be used for the sacrifice. This is the third of such ritual murder cases to have been reported in Tefle in the past three months. The District Chief Executive of South Tongu, Daniel Ameloku, narrating the incident to Citi News said, �the man is a Nigerian and the lady a Northerner.� �Through interrogation, they said the man and the woman were quarrelling so they reported the issue to the police and the man was arrested so we quickly went to the police station.� He added: �The lady is a Kayayoo (porter) and this man got her to carry a load for him and lured her and all of a sudden he drove the lady down to this place. �The woman is safe with us here but the guy has been arrested. There is an accomplice who has also been arrested.�