Hohoe: We Can�t Find Missing Regalia � Zongo Community

The leaders of the Zongo Community in Hohoe have said that they have exhausted all efforts in finding the missing regalia of the Paramount Chief of the Gbi Traditional Council. The Paramount Chief of Gbi land, Tobega Gabuga VI issued a reminder to the Zongo community to return his missing regalia. The regalia was reported missing after the palace of the Chief was ransacked during clashes between the Zongo residents and the Hohoe indigenes some two months ago. Speaking to Citi News, the liaison officer of the two factions, Alhaji Alhassan Batuta said the Zongo leaders have not given up the search for the regalia. He said �it is not as though it is placed somewhere for us to go and bring it. We don�t know who has taken it and where it has been kept and so we have used every means possible to locate it but to no avail, we are still working on it though.� Meanwhile spokesperson for Hohoe Municipal Security Council, Charles Annan said the Police has begun investigation into the Hohoe clashes and expects the issue of missing regalia to be unraveled. �The Regional Crime Office in Ho is handling the investigations on the Hohoe incident� The region is handling the whole investigation as to what happened and who committed what so I believe the missing regalia will be part of their investigation�.