I Feel Abandoned; Legon Female Thief Calls For Justice

The suspected female thief who was molested by some students at the University of Ghana says she feels abandoned by interest groups who were helping her get justice. Amina Haruna was last year stripped naked and fingered by some male students of the University of Ghana who accused her of stealing a laptop and a mobile phone. 11 students were later arrested and subsequently made to face criminal charges. But an Accra High Court last month discharged all the students because the prosecution had not been able to gather enough evidence against the students. In her first media interview since the court verdict, the victim, Amina told XYZ NEWS that justice has not being served. “I don’t see anybody fighting for me. I want them to help and fight for me. They could do what they have done to me to another woman so I want them to fight for me”. She lamented over having lost her source of livelihood as a result of the ordeal she went through. “Nobody comes close to talk to me and I don’t have a job too. I can’t even buy something for myself”.