Gh¢ 15m Loss: Blame AG’s Dept & Principal - GII

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has said that the Principal of Tamale School of Hygiene and the Accountant General should be held responsible for the loss of GHC 15 million incurred by the State. The ongoing biometric registration of employees by the Ministry of Finance have revealed that about 900 students of the Tamale School of Hygiene have been receiving allowances seven years after completing school. According to the Executive Director of GII, Vitus Azeem, the two bodies must be held responsible for the loss the country has incurred. “When the students are admitted, a list probably with a covering letter is sent to the Controller and Accountant General. The letter will show how long the students have been admitted into the school, be it three, four or five years and that’s what the Accountant General uses to pay the allowances. That’s from my understanding, I could be wrong,” he said. He, however, stated that there could be an exception “except in the case that a student is made to repeat in which case the school will write a letter to the Controller and Accountant General that the payment of allowance should be extended.” “There is a timeline for the Controller Accountant General to stop paying the allowances, so if he has not done it, it is not enough to just blame the school,” he added. Mr. Azeem further mentioned that it was not fair to put the blame totally on the school. “The two institutions have to be blamed because on what basis did the controller start paying those allowances? Was there no superior? I think it is not fair to put all the blame on the school.”