4 Ways That Having A Naturally Large Booty Can Be Healthy

Did you know that having a big booty can be beneficial for your health? No, we’re not suggesting that you go out and get butt implants. We’re talking about naturally big assets or the pear shape figure as some might call it. In other words, it’s about those women who may be fortunate enough to genetically store their junk in their trunk. Studies have shown that women who have a naturally large buttocks and thicker thighs will benefit from more than just having a beautiful figure. There are reports that also say that many health benefits come with it. Here are some healthy reasons why you should embrace your naturally large booty: Protection Against Type 2 Diabetes A study from Harvard Medical School has suggested that women with larger backsides and a smaller stomach have less risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is because the type of fat that is stored in a woman’s behind has a type of hormone that improves weight loss in other areas of the body. It also helps the body to make better use of its insulin. Unfortunately, this does not include women who have a large stomach AND a large booty though. Sorry ladies… Less risk of heart Disease Women with a pear shape figure are also less likely to develop heart disease, as opposed to women with an apple shape who store weight around their stomach. According to the same study done at Harvard Medical School, the reason for this is not because of the amount of fat in these areas, but rather because the type of fat stored in the stomach area differs from the type of fat stored in the buttocks. In other words, there are good fats and there are bad fats. The good fats have hormones that improve the body’s health, and the bad fats can clog up your arteries. It Can Improve Metabolism Studies show that having a big but toned bum and flat stomach can also improve the body’s metabolism. This is because fat cells in the lower part of the body will quickly vacuum up harmful fatty acids that enter into the blood when fatty foods are eaten. The hormones produced by these fats can also affect appetite and weight. Psychological Benefits This last benefit is probably the most obvious one, having a naturally large booty can also improve a woman’s confidence levels. In the year 2012 when butt implants and enhancements are at an all time high, having a naturally large backside can be a major “asset.” Although some women are self-conscious about their behinds, psychological tests have shown that women who actually embrace their large butts have a better acceptance of themselves overall.