Ghana’s Health Sector Is Being Mismanaged - Ghana Medical Assoc.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has bemoaned the manner in which the country is managing its health sector. According to the association, the health sector should be treated and managed on a non partisan basis. The General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Frank Sireboe stated that “the College of Physicians and Surgeons is nearing collapse “because prospective applicants are asked to now sponsor themselves, pay money to the college and at the end of the day, pay money to the training institutions in the hospitals which they are going to deliver services as well. The amount of money is getting into the range of GhC 6,000 and GhC 8,000.” He also attributed the mismanagement of some hospitals in the country to the selection of its Chief Executives along political lines saying, “most at times, our Chief Executives are appointed by political powers and not by their ability to perform and aside that, there is no clear direction as to how we are proceeding with the National Health Insurance Scheme.” Dr. Frank Sireboe also bemoaned the ratio of Doctors in the country to patients saying, “if we have only 2,500 Doctors in the public sector and you will go to places and you will see there there is only on Doctor attending to so many patients, yet, we are sending people to Cuba to train them at a higher cost instead of investing the money in our medical schools here to train more Doctors.” The GMA hence called on government and other successive governments to commit resources to the health sector to safeguard the health of Ghanaians. By: