Detained Gbagbo Ally Appears In Court, Case Adjourned

The former Ivorian Minister Mr. Justin Kone Katinan who was arrested and detained in BNI cells has appeared in court but the case has been adjourned to Wednesday September 25. According to his lawyer Patrick Sogbordzor, the adjournment means his client will spend an extra 5 days in BNI cells. He added that although their initial intention was to get him freed, the presiding judge postponed the case for the court to appraise itself with certain processes. The lawyer however added that Mr. Kone Katinan is in fair condition and is coping under the circumstance. Mr. Kone Katinan was arrested on Friday 24th August, 2012 when he returned to Ghana from South Africa. He holds a refugee card from the Ghana Refugee Board which is also recognized by the UNHCR. His arrest was after a warrant was issued by the Ivorian government signed on the 16th of August 2012 for his alleged crimes in recent post-election violence in the country. He is the second top official in Gbagbo's government to be arrested while living in exile following the extradition of Moise Lida Kouassi, a former defense minister, from Togo in June.