Who Is The President Of Ghana?

"Akrasi Sarpong “will not resign today, he will not resign tomorrow.”Gbevlo Lartey insists Akrasi Sarpong has done more than enough in the fight against drugs in Ghana and cannot be asked to resign over a few breaches." By this declaration, The National Security Coordinator Col. (Rtd.) Gbevlo Lartey has usurped the power of President Mahama to relieve NACOB Boss Akrasi Sarpong if he was contemplating taking that course. As a matter of fact, how does Gbevlo Lartey figure into whether Akrasi Sarpong stays or let go? Is that his call to make? Is he the immediate Boss of the NACOB Capo? Is it not the President who appointed the NACOB Boss and therefore is the only one who can guarantee his job and not Gbevlo who holds a lateral position like Akrasi Sarpong? What is wrong with these people with their "ATURUTERASEM AND PATAPAA" behaviour? We just got rid of 'President' Koku Anyidoho and before we can settle into normality and enjoy a peaceful bliss, here comes 'President' Col. (Rtd.) Gbevlo Lartey. In President Mills, we had Koku Anyidoho making appointments and sacking people on air and with the demise of President Mills, we thought the days of proxy Presidency is over but boy we spoke too soon, we just changed the drivers but we are in the same Yutong bus heading towards the Banana Republic of Ghana with 'President' Col. (Rtd.) Gbevlo Lartey firmly in control of the steering wheel. When I wrote six weeks ago that in Mahama, we are going to have another timid Limann administration look alike, my Northern brothers and NDC foot soldiers wanted to carve me like a turkey on Thanksgiving table for daring to say the obvious but it didn't take long for the seed to sprout and what I am seeing is a technicolor of Limann showing brightly on Mahama's face. At least in Limann, we had a scholar with great moral character that is lacking in the youthful 54 year old grey haired Mahama, If President Mahama want Ghanaians to take him serious as a President, it is about time he stamped his authority on his administration and show some cajones that he is in control instead of the germinal mammonism rearing its ugly head in his administration.