Confidence Tricksters Invade Banks

Confidence tricksters have invaded banks in Tamale and succeeded in walking away with thousands of cedis. These tricksters, who are believed to be operating as a network within the metropolis, either act as bank officials or loiter around bank premises pretending to be customers. Others also monitor the movements of car owners at the premises and take advantage to unlock the cars and make away with money withdrawn from the banks by the car owners. Only last week, two customers at the Commercial Bank main branch complained of their stolen GH�6,000 and GH�5,300, which they said were taken from their locked cars. Adam Mas-ud, a 42-year-old owner of a Mercedes Benz saloon car, had GH�6,000 which he had just withdrawn from the bank stolen. He said he had gone back into the banking hall to see a friend. �My car was locked,� he said to a gathering crowd. �The person might have opened the car with a master key.� But the activities of the tricksters also extend to the banking halls where they pretend to be helping customers only to swindle them in the end. �The guys appear neat, humble and smart and that is why one hardly suspects them,� Abdul Karim, who fell victim to the scam, said. According to him, he was once approached by a man in tie at the Fidelity Bank branch in Tamale last month who requested to assist him complete a deposit form for an amount of GH�1,200, but the �bank official� ended up disappearing with the money. �I am sure some of them use spiritual powers because you simply agree to their requests to help you, even giving out the money to them when they ask to pay on your behalf,� Abdul Karim added. The customers expressed worry about the inadequate security systems at the banks and called on management to redress the situations. The confidence tricksters are reportedly busy in the metropolis during �pay days�.