Photo: Murdered Morris

A 49-YEAR-old Togolese painter, Morris Aniabri, was yesterday morning found dead in a pool of blood at his rented apartment at Teshie, a suburb of Accra. Morris was found dead in the porch of an apartment he had rented on a one-storey building at Sea Lady, a Teshie suburb. His hands were clutched around his torso on the floor, with blood around his waist as his head was turned to his right side with signs of deep cut. He appeared to have been dragged from his room by his attackers and placed in the corner of his porch with his knees bent. Morris was wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts with two yellow stripes on its sides. There was a deep cut on the left side of his neck, suggesting that his attackers might have used a sharp object to inflict the wound. Daily Guide was unable to interview the landlady of the house since she was said to be unwell but a co-tenant who spoke on anonymity said a taxi cab and a male passenger came looking for Morris, fondly called �Efo�, on Sunday around 9am. Morris welcomed the visitors to his place. After they had gone to his room and engaged in a chat, they came back and he introduced the passenger as a son of his brother�s before the visitors left. Around 4pm, the same people visited Morris again and brought along with them the boy�s belongings which were in a bag. After proceeding upstairs, the three went to enjoy some breeze on the porch of Morris�s co-tenant on the storey-building. Daily Guide sources hinted that the taxi driver went away after some time, leaving behind Morris and his nephew passing the night together. Another tenant said he saw Morris and the said nephew descending to take their shower before going to bed. Just before entering his room, he heard Morris saying to his nephew to come up with the bucket. Though people living in the same house with Morris said they did not hear any sound that suggested that something sinister had happened in his room at night, others living near the house said they heard a couple of shouts in the night but they were short-lived. Tenants of the house woke up this morning to find his remains in a pool of blood and his guest nowhere to be found. At the time of leaving the scene, some policemen were questioning some of the deceased�s family members as they started their investigations.