Landlord Ejects Blind Man After Snatching The Wife

A shoemaker who is a former resident of Teshie is accusing his landlord of snatching his wife with whom he has four children after losing his sight. Narrating the incident on Abrabo Asempa FM mid-morning show, Mr. Osei Owusu says he lost his sight while working as a shoemaker, subsequently became jobless. The wife, he recounted, took advantage of his unfortunate situation to indulge extra marital affairs with the landlord at Teshie. He explained that the wife always give him excuses that the landlord has sent her on an errand anytime he needs her to do something for him. Mr. Osei Owusu says despite all those excuses, he never suspected any foul play until their first son came back home from school unexpectedly and caught the mother and the landlord having an affair in their chamber while he (Mr Owusu) was asleep in the hall. However, when he confronted the landlord about it, he was rather offended and got angry with him. Probably to avoid shame and conceal their amorous activity, the landlord ejected him together with his four children, between the ages of 11 and 19, onto the street leaving his wife to enjoy her privacy in the room he had rented. Mr Owusu currently lives in an uncompleted structure around Nsawam with the kids, has therefore called on philanthropists to assist him and the children.