UFP Predicts 60% One Touch Victory

Despite predictions by political observers that the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections will be a straight fight between the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), the Presidential candidate of the United Front Party (UFP), Akwasi Addai-Odike has predicted a landslide victory for his party. According to him, the hard work done so far by his campaign team reveals that the UFP is heading towards a 60% poll result in the upcoming presidential election. “We will win the election by landslide, 60% or more. Come Sunday, we are launching our manifesto and campaign launch in the Ashanti Region, after which we will hit the campaign trail with our one-on-one strategy for a one touch victory.” Speaking in an interview with The Heritage, the presidential hopeful noted that if voted into power, the UFP will embark on massive industrialization of Ghana’s economy that will lead to the creation of millions of jobs to Ghanaians. He said the UFP believes in an agrarian economy to turn the fortune of the country around, lamenting that trading in Ghana has become very bitter to the Ghanaian businessman. He pledged that if endorsed by Ghanaians, he will ensure the interest of Ghanaian businesses will be his top priority to flush out the over influence of foreign goods into the economy of Ghana. Mr. Addai-Odike further noted that in line with the party’s slogan: ‘Safoa nie, Odike nie,’ to wit, (‘this is key, this is Odike’) the UFP if given the nod will open the gates of education; health and jobs creation to better the living conditions of Ghanaians. He said the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian will be central to a UFP administration soon to be sworn-in in 2013. The Presidential candidate announced that the party’s campaign launch on Sunday will see the formal introduction of the UFP’s vice Presidential candidate to the teeming crowd expected to grace the occasion.