I Discharged Myself Well; Give Me A 2nd Term - Prez Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has stressed the accomplishment of the National Democratic Congress II government is a clear testimony that Ghanaians will hand him a second term come the December 7 elections. Speaking during a courtesy call on the chief of Tamale, Mohammed Dawuni on Wednesday, President Mahama said the records are there for all to see and that Ghanaians are discerning enough to make a good judgment during the polls. “I think the people of Ghana are discerning and they can see what this government has done in the short space of four years for them, and they know that with what we have done, if we are given an additional term of office we would do even more than we have done already,” he said, a day after he had debated three other contestants in the presidential race. “I am confident, absolutely, that the people of Ghana appreciate what we have done and that they are going to give us a second mandate to be able to continue the good work that Prof. Atta Mills started.” On the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) debate, he said: “It was a very exciting encounter. I think the NDC party discharged itself well. As people were talking about what they will come and do we are talking about what we are doing already.”