MELCOM Disaster: OFFICIAL Figures - ...Breakdown Of The Rescued (As At Midday)

Following the collapse of the Melcom Shopping Complex at Achimota in Accra yesterday, 69 persons have been rescued so far. A total of 34 females and 33 males were rescued yesterday with 2 more rescued this morning at 0730 and 0900 hrs. However, a total of 8 have been recovered dead, 3 yesterday and 5 this morning. The breakdown of the rescued and hospitals they have been sent to are as follows: a. 37 Military Hospital- 15 females 17 males b. Police Hospital- 3 females c. Achimota Hospital - 14 females 16 males d. Korle Bu- 2 females 2 males Rescue efforts are feverishly underway to save others trapped under the rubble. Rescue efforts have been intensified with 3 more additional rescue points. So far there has been effective collaboration between National Disaster Management Organisation, the Police Service, National Fire Service, Ghana Red Cross and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. Others are: a. National Ambulance Services. b. National Security Ambulance Services c. St. Johnís Ambulance Services.