Machomen Warn Politicians

Bodybuilders (macho men) in Navrongo have warned politicians not to attempt to recruit them to cause mayhem before, during or after the forthcoming general elections as they only stand for peace and the right cause. The macho men, who train at Gym 80, in the Navrongo Central constituency of the Upper East Region, said none of them would help any selfish politician to cause any unnecessary fear and panic in the constituency and the region on or before election day. According to the macho men, politicians in the past came to mislead some of their colleagues to carry out activities to the sole benefit of the politicians and yet, they were always blamed, even by politicians, as though they the body builders master-minded every violent activity during election period. The leader of Gym 80, Shaibu, told DAILY GUIDE that many of them were well built as a result of the continuous exercise. “…we are not building our bodies to frighten people or to cause trouble in Navrongo. We are also peaceful and responsible people who know what is good for ourselves and Ghana. We have no bad intention for this constituency and we don’t want people to be accusing us any time something bad occurs,” Shaibu explained. According to him, it would not make sense for a macho man to risk his life and dignity to carry a ballot box from a polling station in the full glare of the many voters and would not be chased or pounced on by the on-looking voters. In his view, it was rather armed persons that would be that bold to enter a polling station and carry the ballot box away without fear. “After all, the on-lookers will fear to chase him for the box, because of the weapon. The leaders of the country and security people should concentrate on reducing the numbers of weapons that people have around. They have to search people anytime they suspect you. That is where they have to focus their plans and not on macho men. If you are a macho man without a weapon and you go to carry a ballot box, all the people there will attack you and beat you well, well, because you cannot fight them all with your hand,” Shaibu said. According to him, individual body builders at Gym 80 had various plans, including participation in the annual Man Ghana or TV3’s Ghana’s Strongest competitions “We are not doing this to fool around or cause trouble, so people should respect us small,” he appealed.