The Future Of Our Nation Depends On The Decision We Make Today - Bawumia

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the 2012 NPP Vice-Presidential candidate, has asked the people of the Yagaba-Kubore and Daboya-Mankarigu constituencies of the Northern Region and the people of Ghana generally, to be very circumspect of the decision they make on December 7th as the whole future of the nation depends on the choice to be made by the people of Ghana. The NPP vice Presidential candidate made this point at various communities in the two constituencies on Friday when he toured the constituencies to canvass for support for the Nana Akufo-Addo and the various NPP Parliamentary candidates with just over a dozen days to the polls. Commencing the tour from Kunkwa in the Yagaba-Kubore constituency, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia said “I would not ask for your vote for the NPP because am a northerner, I am asking for your vote because it is clear that the NPP has the competence, incorruptibility and vision to make your lives and that of your children better. I am asking for your vote because not only your future but the future of this whole nation depends very much on the choice you would make this December. If we want to develop, if we want our lives and those of our children to see significant improvements and if we want this country to be up there competing with developed and other emerging economies in this world, a country with top of the standards education and health services, a country that meets the aspirations of its youth and delivers the necessary jobs for them; then it is obvious that we cannot continue on the current backward path we are on. A single day on the current path after January 7th would not only mean more unbearable hardships, corruption and mismanagement but would mean greater difficulty in uplifting the nation from the current depths it finds itself”, he said. Dr. Bawumia, from Kunkwa toured Yizesi, Kpatariggu, and Loagri. He joined fellow Muslims at Lukula for the Friday Jummah prayers before moving to Mankarigu and Yagbon in the newly created Daboya-Mankarigu constituency. At Mankarigu, Dr. Bawumia addressed a large crowd running into the thousands. The visibly excited crowd listened attentively to the NPP running mate as he took time to explain the NPP’s vision, with particular regards to education and modernising agriculture.