CHRAJ Petitioned Over GIPC Cash To Mahama Volunteers

A private legal practitioner has accused the John Mahama campaign team of hypocrisy in the purported release of some 4,000 Ghana cedis by the GIPC to a group rooting for the president’s victory in the December elections. Mohammed Awal Alhassan has petitioned CHRAJ to look into the case and another involving the release of 20, 000 Ghana cedis to the GIPC Board Chairman Ishmael Yamson as a birthday donation. The John Mahama Campaign Team has since ordered the group to refund the money. But Mr Alhassan in an interview with XYZ News said the Mahama campaign team cannot play innocence in the release of the money to the Volunteers for Mahama group since they both support the same agenda. “I will not discount the fact they know about it given the fact that the group is known to the campaign team. As to how the group is raising money for the campaign team should be in the position to tell. “So if the campaign team is now saying they should return the money we cannot take them serious”. Mr. Alhassan is also asking CHRAJ to declare the actions of Mr. Yamson and the CEO of GIPC, George Aboagye as abuse of office. He said the explanation by Mr Yamson that he rejected the donation does not hold water. “Public office holders in Ghana have the tendency to try to pass the back, anytime they are caught in the act they try to find an escape route. Mr. Yamson would have to go and explain himself to CHRAJ. “The matter would have to be investigated, this matter cannot be investigated by the GIPC because they themselves are culpable” Mr. Alhassan said.