Asamoah Gyan & Co. Must Spare Us Profane Songs

The Black Stars� sweet 3:0 victory over their Niger counterparts in the ongoing AFCON 2013 Cup in South African was worth celebrating by the players and indeed, all Ghanaian soccer fans, but there must be some sense of decorum among the players in order not to be engaged in open profane in expressing their joy. What happened on Metro TV�s AFCON Diaries on Monday just after the match was very embarrassing and must be condemned, as some of the players who were then live on camera threw caution into the air by singing xxx-rated profane song on a prime time programme being watched by millions of Ghanaians, including children across the country. Captain Asamoah Gyan, Derek Boateng, John Painstil and John Boye must be ashamed of their unexpected conduct, as they were the �notorious gang� who started the profane song in the teams bus en-route to their hotel. It was a surprise scene because their dishonorable behaviour betrayed their shaky spiritual faith to contradict previous religious �jama� songs in thanksgiving to the Lord for a winning game. Although the team may have their right to free expression (particularly as footballers), however, the stage in which they were at that moment - live TV show-was just not acceptable for that unnecessary show of youthful exuberance. Metro TV should also try to manage the players well during the live telecast show in order to bring the best out of them to their viewers, since they (Metro TV) cannot escape part of the shameful incident. Most importantly to the players, each of them is a national hero and role model to many children. Therefore, they must be disciplined not only on the field of play, but also in society by refraining from conducts that will let their fans down. Meanwhile, the Crusading Guide newspaper congratulates the Black Stars for the stunning performance on Monday, and wishes the team well in their subsequent matches to the top.