Vea youth urge IGP, Interior Minister to investigate murder case

The Youth of Vea on Wednesday appealed to the Inspector General Of Police (IGP) and the Interior Ministry to urgently investigate the murder of one Azaare Gideon, a native of Vea and a final year student of the University of Education, Winneba. Mr Gideon Azaare was allegedly shot by a Police Officer at Vea on February 6, 2012 when the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) provided security protection for a contractor, Eunitack Services Limited, during the rehabilitation of a dam at Vea. Azaare was allegedly killed by a police officer during a peaceful march by members of the community after a misunderstanding between the contractor and the Tindamas (Spiritual head), who attempted the blasting of rocks by the company for his job. The spokesperson for the youth of Vea, Mr Baba Timothy at a Press Conference said �We are convinced that the regional commander is doing everything possible in his power to cover up the brutish shooting and killing of our beloved son, brother, and husband�. According to them an identification parade was organised in the Community where all the Policemen who were on duty on that day to provide security for the contractor were paraded. He said one of the Police men was identified as the culprit and wondered why he was released on bail. �We the youth of Vea wish to bring to the notice of the IGP and the Minister of the interior, attempts by the Regional Commander of the Upper East region to subvert the evidence and facts surrounding the broad-day murder of Gideon Azaare by a police man in Vea on the 6th of February, 2012�. The community members alleged that the Regional Police Commander transferred a Regional Crime officer when he attempted to properly establish the truth, to pave the way for his diabolical plot to cover up the truth. �We are aware that the docket on the case is supposed to be channeled through the regional state attorney to the Attorney General. We do not understand why the regional police commander has to personally transport the document to the Attorney General�, they noted. They are also demanding that the regional commander should equally be transferred and barred from having anything to do with the case. �We believe that the immediate transfer of the regional commander is the only way that truth and justice can be established�. In an interview with the Police Commander, he said he was on leave and could not comment on the matter.