Government To Renovate Accra And Kumasi Sports Stadiums

The government has put plans in place to modernise the country's two biggest stadiums. The government of Ghana has revealed plans of refurbishing the two most prestigious stadiums in the country. Finance Minister Seth Terpker reavealed on Tuesday during his budget presentaion to Parliament that government is prepared to spend an estimated GHC 53, 872,871 on sports during the year. The last time major renovation work was done on the Accra and Kumasi Sports stadiums was when Ghana hosted the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations and nothing has been done since. The deterioration state of the facilities has led to uncomfortable circumstances in the past few years. According to the Minister, government will also rehabilitate the National Sports College to raise it to international standards and also ensure the passing of the Sports Bill. The Sports Bill has been on the table for close to a decade now and its imminent passing will be an advantage to the sports sector.